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You could be going through the Peri menopause for YEARS without getting help – these are the signs

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You could be going through the Peri Menopause for years without getting help and this is something I hear from women who contact me all the time!

Women start going through the Peri Menopause many years before the Menopause and all to often do not get the support or advice they need according to a survey mentioned in the Sun Newspaper.

A recent article in the Sun newspaper here in the UK states that "some these symptoms can be managed by Drugs but many women are not getting the access to these!"

The article relates to a survey by an amazing Doctor and campaigner for Menopause Dr Louise Newson, in her survey 79% had visited their GP with symptoms, and a shocking 7% of those had visited the Doctor more than 10 times before receiving adequate help or advice!

The new survey, carried out for menopause medic Dr Louise Newson, who runs the not-for-profit Newson Health Research And Education, highlights the delays women face.

Read the Full article Here!

Peri Menopause generally starts in our 40’s but it can start mid 30’s for some women!

The Peri Menopause is the time leading towards the Menopause and Post Menopause, where hormones are fluctuating causing many of the symptoms, some of which women don’t link to their hormones.

The problem is us 40 year old women just didn’t receive any education around the Menopause at school.  We had a few Period and Sex Ed classes in the PSHE curriculum, but no mention of Menopause, let alone the Peri Menopause.

Symptoms include the following but there are many more!


Remember Girls . . .  Menopause doesn’t have to be Miserable!

You don’t have to be moody and miserable in your 40’s plus you shouldn’t be suffering. 

Any symptom is a sign that your body is out of homeostasis. 

See your GP or Medical Practitioner, and if they don’t give you the answer that you want then find someone who can help!

Medication works well for some women, others choose a natural approach with diet, herbs and supplements, or a combined approach with Medication and natural solutions alongside.Get a DUTCH Test to understand your hormone levels and symptoms.

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Love Cat xx

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How can The Hormone Fairy help you during Menopause?

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