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Yoni Steam herbs to ease Peri Menopause symptoms

Yoni herb

Yoni steam herbs have been used for centuries to steam and heal women's womb and vagina, and can be particularly useful for women struggling with heavy bleeds or dryness during the peri menopause and post menopause years.

A yoni steam otherwise known as vaginal steaming or ‘V’ steaming, is a big like a facial, but for the vagina. It cleanses and nourishes the womb and your vagina. Typically, women sit on a yoni stool or squat over a pot containing a selection of steaming herbs, allowing nutrients to be absorbed.

The subject of yoni steaming has been a bit of a controversial one, with a divided opinion on whether it truly has benefits or is just another hype. However, if done at home with care, this acts as an alternative health treatment or holistic approach to your feminine self-care.

History and Roots of Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming has been practiced all over the world from Africa, Asia and Central America. It is said to have been practiced as a ritual by using specific healing herbs and warm steam which permeate the vagina, cervix, uterus and entire reproductive system. The healing herbs activated through steam are meant to both physically and emotionally detox the womb and body, reconnecting to your womanly intuition.

What to expect during Yoni steaming

Yoni steaming is simple to do and once you have got steaming ladies, you'll see benefits as it opens up the pores and tissues, resulting in an increase of blood flow, whilst relaxing those muscles, pelvis and womb.  Simply follow the instructions on your Yoni Steaming product, wrap yourself up and meditate or read as your steam.

Why use it?

Overall it is used for cleansing  and rejuvenating purposes for that delicate area. Alongside this, pain relief for menstruation, speed healing after birth, vaginal tears and dryness in menopause.

Help regulate an irregular menstrual cycle and reduce menstrual cramps After the herbs release their cleansing and healing oils into hot water, they are carried via steam to the porous skin of the outer labia, where they are absorbed. From there, the properties of the plants are carried through the bloodstream into the uterus, where they help to dislodge the stuck material that causes discomfort during menstruation.

Detoxify the body Yoni steaming works similarly to a steam room, drawing toxins out of your body via the skin. Steaming the exterior of your vagina draws out toxins and clears congestion from your womb. The gentle heat and moisture cause physical toxins to be released from cells into the lymphatic fluid, which is expelled from the body as sweat.

Peri Menopause and post menopause Your cycle may slow down or become more frequent in peri menopause prior to stopping completely post menopause, a Yoni steam can help to stimulate your circulation and support your uterus to continue to release it’s flow and lining fully.  Post menopause the steam may help with vagina dryness and helping to reconnect with your inner feminine goddess.

Pelvic pain, pain after intercourse or tightness A Yoni steam may be helpful for women experiencing pelvic or ovary pain, pain during sexual intercourse or vagina tightness.  The steam helps to sooth and relax your pelvic muscles.

After Hysterectomy or pelvic surgery The heat and warmth can be soothing for scar tissue in the uterus.  You can combine a yoni steam with a caster oil pack and pelvic area massages to increase your vitality and healing post surgery.   A Yoni steam can also be helpful in reconnecting energetically and emotionally after having an invasive surgical procedure. Always check the instructions or speak with your health practitioner prior to steaming after surgery. 

Reconnect with your inner goddess self

The warmth increases circulation to your vulva, the light steam and increased moisture results in the boost of blood flow. Not only does it feel good, this relaxes the body and mind.

Recover after birth and heal scars

The ancient remedy is thought to clear any remaining material from the uterus after birth, it assists with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar, and encourages tissue to tighten.  Speak with your Practitioner or follow instructions following childbirth.

Where can I buy Yoni Steam herbs from?

I recommend MamaSia to my clients for their Yoni Steam herbs.


Established in 2012, MamaSia was created out of the need to share ancient African beauty and well being ingredients with a wider audience.  A UK company with their roots in West Africa and materials produced from their family lands.  They specialise in natural products beneficial for general well being with environmental benefits and social impact on the community.

Order your Yoni Steam via this link 

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