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Women’s Weight Loss & Wellness Slim-Mind Club

The Slim-Mind Club, Women's Weight Loss and Wellness Upgrade

Discover a vibrant community of women focused on long-term weight loss, wellness, connection, and fun. Where your transformation means upgrading all areas of your life, from feeling fat, frumpy, fed up and frustrated to becoming a healthy, slim, energised and confident you.

Let us nurture, guide and support you step by step through your Upgrade Transformation!


Our 12 month membership is ❌ Not a fleeting fix, fad or trend.

This Club is tailored for women looking to ✅upgrade their life, prioritize their health and achieve weight loss for life.


How does the Club Work?

We have taken all of the proven ingredients that work for ultimate wellness and weight loss and combined them into one simple, done for you membership experience.

  • Engage in personalised support and accountability from your experienced qualified hosts Cat and Rachel.
  • Have fun, stay motivated and celebrate your wins with our supportive community of like-minded women.
  • Banish the boredom with over 300 professionally prepared Recipes.
  • Improve your health, lose the bloat, and streamline your energy with our focus on nutritional balance, hormonal health and physical wellbeing
  • Ditch the cravings and emotional hunger for good with a collection of health and weight loss Mindshift strategies
  • Embrace the simplicity of a step by step, done for your membership of support, so you can feel confident and fabulous in your own skin.

How will the Club benefit you?

My time with Cat and Rachel has been transformational, I have more energy now than I did in my 30’s. I have lost 23 lbs and feel fabulous in my jeans, no more hiding under baggy jumpers for me! Susie Cavanagh

Bloating used to be a real problem for me, not anymore. I now understand how to eat well for my mind and my body, there’s no going back now to my old ways, I feel amazing! Merrie Storton

What has changed for me since working with Rachel and Cat?  It would be quicker to say what hasn’t!!  I hit my target of 14lb weight loss, I no longer have afternoon energy slumps, I sleep better, my skin has improved, I look myself in the mirror with kindness instead of criticism, I eat for hunger and to nourish my body rather than to squash the stress or fill the boredom. I love food and I love the new me ☺ Sarah Wynn

Tell me more about what is included?

30 recipes a month with full macro breakdowns, selected for you for holistic wellness and weight loss

Monthly Meal Plan with detailed grocery list and weekly average macro breakdown to save you the overwhelm of having to think “what’s for dinner”.

Variety of Treats: Engage with meditation, wellbeing hypnotherapy, masterclasses, guest speakers, challenges, and more.

Live Q&A Sessions: Connect with Cat and Rachel for guidance and motivation.

Exclusive Facebook Group Access: A private space for support, celebration and interaction.

Accountability from a supportive community of like-minded women.

Ready for a year of Weight Loss Support & Wellness - JOIN NOW!

One-time payment of £130 for 12 months  

(Saving £50) + Receive the Christmas Bonus & December FREE when you join before 1st Dec

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