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The Hormone Fairy

Natural Menopause Support

What’s Perimenopause

Don’t freak out, it’s not a disease, it’s the mirror image of puberty, the hormonal shift that all women naturally go through on their way to full menopause.

Your body is shutting down your reproductive zone!  Naturally changing, but often causing a rollercoaster of emotion and body changes, every woman experiences this differently depending on their genetics and lifestyle.

The transition can start from age 35, but for most women it’s in the early to mid 40’s and take anything from 2-10 years.

Let’s remember ladies, MENOPAUSE IS NOT A DISEASE that needs medical attention, it’s a phase of womanhood.  Yes, it can throw up some symptoms many which can be dealt with through natural solutions and lifestyle changes.   However, for some ladies, especially if they are thrown straight into the deep end and Menopause due to a medical procedure such as hysterectomy or chemotherapy, medicine may be a more desirable option.

So what’s Menopause then?

Technically, “Menopause is the permanent end of menstruation and fertility, defined as occurring 12 months after your last menstrual period”.  That’s right ladies, you won’t know if you’re post Menopause until a whole 12 months has gone by after your last ever period.  Then it’s time to celebrate a whole new chapter in your life.

Click here to find out what symptoms to look out for during the per-menopause - Signs and Symptoms of Perimenopause

Are you freaking out yet?

I know how you feel!  Even though I’m a Homeopath and Health Coach, I got so confused by my own symptoms in my late 30’s.  I was piling on the weight even though I was in the gym every day.  I’d wake up dripping in sweat and having to wash my long blonde locks every day became a nightmare in itself!  I would often take myself off for a bath late afternoon or early evening, and lie there sobbing my heart out into the bubbles for no reason!

It wasn’t until one day I was sitting with a client, that the penny dropped!  I was experiencing all those symptoms my clients had.  Peri Menopause HELLO!  Whilst I was relatively healthy, my hormones were up the creak!!!   My adrenal glands were shot and as for my melatonin levels, now that’s another blog… No wonder I was lying awake at night full of anxiety.

Are you struggling with your Hormones?  Don’t be a Hostage to your Hormones!

This is the Prime of your Life!  It’s time to step into your power, feel happier, sexy and back to your old self.

Let me, Cat The Hormone Fairy wave my magic wand!  If you’re ready for something different, ready to take the first step on a journey to a healthier and happier you, then I’m excited to help you make those changes.

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