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Welcome to the VIP Club


Welcome to The VIP Club, I'm looking forward to helping you through your menopause transformation.

The Membership area have moved!

What you need to do .... 

  1. Keep an eye out for an email with your New Login details to the new Members area.  You'll receive this within the next 24 hours!
  2. Make sure you check your email regularly for updates and dates of the Monthly Live Calls!
  3. Join the Members Facebook Group.  Here's the Link   
  4. Not on Facebook, don't worry you wont miss out you will have access to the VIP Community Group within the Members area.
  5. Download and complete the VIP Club Prep Pack
  6. Live Calls, Trainings and Guest Interviews will be uploaded to the Members Vault

Any questions? drop me a message via


Cat xx

The Hormone Fairy

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