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Has Weight Loss stopped working now you’re in your 40s + Peri Menopause

Why your Weight Loss routine has stopped working now you’re in your 40s + Peri Menopausal

It appears from no where!  You feel normal and then all of a sudden, you wake up and notice your body shape has changed.  Inches has added to your waistline.

No you’re not imagining it, it’s due to age but also those hormones.

So what’s going on with your body after 40 and how can you get back to feeling healthy and strong again.

  1. Those hormones are out of whack 

Those chemical messengers that control your menstrual cycle also control your hunger. During the Peri Menopause oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone fluctuated and decline – leading to all those symptoms.

You don’t have to suffer, Hormone Medication is the answer for some women and for others there are plant and diet solutions to help.

  1. Metabolism is slowing down

Yes metabolism is due to your hormones too.  Lower oestrogen levels can mean a sluggish metabolism plus your resting metabolism can slow with your age.

Plus your body shape starts to change as a result with more fat accumulating around your tummy, hips and bum.  Many women go from a pear to an apple shape.

You need to stay active, which can be harder when your energy is low and you lack motivation.  Changing to weight training can help plus adding in some light cardio or something fun like dance class and boxercise.

Plus you need to up your fibre intake now and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

  1. Muscle changes

You start to lose muscle mass due to the falling testosterone and oestrogen, and it’s the muscle that helps to burn calories. Hence why weight bearing exercise is vital. Try to do do some form of weight bearing exercise 3 or 4 times per week to help build your muscle which keeps your bones healthy and strong.

  1. Insulin Resistance can become a thing

As we put on a little weight, the body starts to ignore insulin, that’s the hormone that regulates your blood sugar. Which means for many women their blood sugar is higher, as the cells aren’t absorbing it, and they feel more hungry or have cravings.

And that leads to more unwanted fat and can increase your risk of diabetes type 2.

I recommend blood sugar protocols to my clients and eating small regular meals and snacks.  Intermittent fasting isn’t always the best option.

Don’t be scared of having fat in your diet, plus carbohydrates and protein with each meal. Protein and the fats keep your body feeling satisfied for longer, reducing the sugar cravings you would have with carb heavy meals. Remember smoothies and shakes will increase blood sugar in the body quickly, so less juices and more fibre and whole grains.  You might want to try the Mediterranean style way of eating as it doesn’t cause the blood sugar issues.

  1. Your appetite is confused

There’s a hormone called Ghrelin (similar to the Gremlins it’s not the good one) which tells you when you are hungry and then leptin tells you when you are full.

As we get into our 40s the receptors for these 2 hormones don’t work quite so well and we can become more resistant to them.

So you’re hungry because of your Hormones!

Keep a food diary!  Write down how you are feeling emotionally, and if you are hungry.  Then write down what you eat or take photos of your meals so you can see if you are eating larger portions.

  1. You’re too busy and overwhelmed to be active

Often we become less active in our 40s as we lack motivation and the overwhelm of Work, Family, Friends plus symptoms such as low testosterone, lack of mojo and achy joints can put us off.

Try to keep moving.  Set a timer and stand up from your Desk or chair. Do something like a few squats when waiting for the kettle to boil.  Find a fun exercise that you can do quickly in your lunch hour or after work. Or take a walk if you can’t get to a gym.

Being active will help that slow metabolism, plus we release happy endorphins to help the mind when we exercise.

  1. High Stress

Most of us women are stressed in some way during our 40s.  Money worries, career problems, family burdens not just the kids but elderly relations. Maybe there’s some grief added in too.

I see quite often on the DUTCH Hormone test that women’s cortisol is out of whack too.  Constant stress will make the body release cortisol which again causes blood sugar issues, this time to drop making you want to reach for the sugary snack or alcohol.

Too much cortisol leads to that fat around the belly and that puts us more at risk of Heart disease and diabetes.

Find some way of relaxing and reducing stress every day (without reaching for the bottle of wine).  Walking, being in nature, laughing, watching something fun on Netflix, yoga, reading …

  1. You can’t sleep

Sleep becomes an issue, maybe you can’t get to sleep or you wake up with anxiety, heart palpitations or the night sweats.

When we sleep our hunger hormones are turned off, plus our body rests and repairs.

Lack of sleep leads to lower energy during the day.

You need to create a bed time routine again.  Dimming lights and avoiding the blue light from your screen helps to release Melatonin.  Plus avoiding the night sweat inducing foods can help, no coffee, alcohol or spicy food in the evening. Keep your bedroom cool, dark and clutter free.


The first step is getting in tune with your body.

Keep a symptom diary, track your food, exercise and Period Log.

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