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Managing Menopause symptoms with Vitamin D

What role does Vitamin D play in managing the symptoms of Menopause?

Vitamin D plays an important role in your overall health and well being by making sure your muscles; heart, lungs and brain work well and can fight infection.

Getting enough Vitamin D can be complex, as you need to expose your skin on a regular basis to sunlight. There are some Vitamin D benefits from foods such as oily fish and eggs however other factors such as pollution and use of sunscreen affect the body’s ability to get sufficient amounts of the vitamin.

Vitamin D is unique, as your body turns it into a hormone known as ‘Calcitrol’. It’s Calcitrol that manages the absorption of calcium in your blood, bones and gut, which is essential for healthy body.

Vitamin D and cholesterol together create the mother hormone pregnenolone, and this hormone is responsible for creating both progesterone and estrogen.  Estrogen levels stay higher for longer during menopause, but progesterone drops rapidly from 40 onwards.  So providing the body with the building blocks to continue to create this hormone is key to reducing symptoms of peri-menopause during the 40s and 50s.

Vitamin D and Menopause the facts:

As you age the body loses it capacity to absorb calcium  - vitamin D is crucial to fixing calcium in bones

There are higher risks of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women – research has shown vitamin D can reduce potential osteoporosis.  If you are taking a calcium supplement then make sure you add in Vitamin D as you can't absorb calcium properly without it.

Diets rich in calcium and vitamin D can help control symptoms of irritability, anxiety and tearfulness.  A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to depression, brain fog, memory loss and concentration issues.  It can help you to feel brighter and more focused.

I recommend Natures Sunshine Vitamin D, organic and GMO free.  Click on the link below, open an account through the link and then search Natures Sunshine Products.

Intake recommendations (based on international units—IUs—per day):

  • Adults: aim for 800-1000 IU per day (For those with severe deficiency up to 2000iu, consult your doctor or health coach if in doubt)

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