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I cried when I read my Dutch Hormone Test results!

Dutch complete test

I get emails and messages from women every day telling me they’re feeling sad, depressed, anxious, lacking in confidence, struggling with weight.  They’ve been to the Doctors and if they are lucky the Doctor agreed to a blood test where the results were normal, or told they’re too young for a Blood test as it’s not possible to be menopause!

These ladies are frustrated, confused and feel let down by our Medical profession.

What I know from my experience in working with women is that if your steroid hormones are out of whack, it’s going to affect every other system in your body.  Including your digestion, your metabolism and your mental health!

Many of my clients opt for the Dutch Test instead of guessing where your hormones are at.  Now the lab results aren’t the magic wand, but they will give you the data on where your body may be out of alignment, so that you can put in some simple lifestyle changes, follow a natural and holistic path to healing or seek further Medical help if needed.

When I did my own Dutch Test I was shocked and in tears!

At the time of doing the test I felt okay.  I’d come back from holiday feeling relaxed and calm.  I felt stable, my period cycle was back to 28 days after a blip, I’d have the odd bad tearful day but it wasn’t that bad, my libido was fab and my weight was maintained.

My test result showed that I had High Oestrogen and extremely high Progesterone to the level where it would be for a pregnant woman.  My oestrogen methylation was poor and my Cortisol levels were through the roof.  On top of that my Melatonin (sleep hormone) was below range. I was in tears – how could a Health Professional have such rubbish results!

Now looking back a few weeks after, once I had calmed down from my pity party, I realised I had been through a huge period of stress.  David had died just 9 months earlier, and whilst I was coping externally, internally my system was showing signs.  There was a little brain fog (dementia as my Kids call it), I wasn’t sleeping that well often awake at 3-5am.  I was drinking way too much coffee which wouldn’t have been helpful, and I’d just returned from a 2 week holiday in the USA so my diet before the test may have put the results out slightly.

The test results were enough to give me that much needed kick up the butt.  I instantly reduced my coffee intake, added in more supplements such as DIM to help my oestrogen levels, ate more spinach, broccoli, nuts, seeds, pomegranates, made sure I got outside in the sunshine first thing in the morning and stuck to a bedtime routine.

Why I recommend the Dutch Test

I offer my clients one of the most advanced hormone tests, “The DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) by Precision Analytical lab, showing an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and melatonin, along with their metabolites, to help identify symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  Whilst you can test your hormones via blood or saliva testing, these options do have some limits.

Here's a few of the reasons why I love it...

  1. It’s simple to do
  2. It measure Cortisol Production
  3. The Dutch test may shed light on thyroid complaints
  4. It gives a great picture of total DHEA production.
  5. It shows how you are processing and methylating your Oestrogen.
  6. Shows what type of testosterone metabolites your body favours.
  7. Can show if you are oestrogen dominant.
  8. Checks your levels of B6, B12 and Melatonin!

You can read the full details of why I recommend the Dutch Test here in this Blog Why I recommend Dutch Test for Hormone Testing

Would you like a Hormone Testing Package?

The Dutch test can be done in the comfort of your own home, I can also ship the test to the USA for my overseas clients.  Your Hormone Test comes with a full analysis and consultation - Click here to find out more about The Dutch Test here Hormone Testing

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