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73% Of Women Don’t Treat Their Menopause Symptoms, according to Forbes Survey

According to an article in Forbes magazine, 73% Of Women Don’t Treat Their Menopause Symptoms, New Survey Shows Article by Deb Gordon – Full article below, and Link here Though virtually all women experience menopause, it has remained taboo for many women. Hormonal changes during menopause typically bring unpleasant symptoms and indignities: hot flashes, sleep disruption, thinning…

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Would you be able to spot the signs of the Menopause?


Would you be able to spot the signs of menopause? The following article is from the BBC News, there’s also a video availabe to watch – You can click here to see the full report Hot flushes, night sweats and low mood are common symptoms of “the change”, which happens to women in the…

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Get Back to You – Peri Menopause Masterclass

Peri Menopause Masterclass

Have your mood swings and energy gotten so out of control that you don’t even recognize yourself anymore? Do you often wish you could just feel like “you” again? If so, I want to invite you to be my guest at a Masterclass I’m teaching to my Members club . During this masterclass You’ll learn:…

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What hormone test is best in Peri Menopause

hormone test

The Doctors told you “You’re too young to be in Peri Menopause and for hormone tests” or that “Your Blood test results are NORMAL”, but you’re feeling like crap and are fed up with being fobbed off. Your hormones are responsibly for every activity occurring in your both, from growth to metabolism, reproduction and even…

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