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DUTCH Test Metabolised vs Free Cortisol

Let’s look at Metabolised and Free Cortisol on the DUTCH Complete hormone test.  The DUTCH Test™ is well-recognized for its ease-of-collection, coupled with comprehensive reporting that is not available from other laboratories. The cortisol metabolites in the adrenal section are among the commonly-highlighted markers appreciated by practitioners. They offer a much more complete view of…

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Homeopathy for Menopause

Every woman is different and makes the transition through the menopause in their own way, either the medical route or the natural route such as Homeopathy.  Some breeze through with very few symptoms and others or most struggle with hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety, palpitations or other symptoms. Sadly modern medicine doesn’t allow women to listen…

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Why I recommend DUTCH Test for Hormone Testing

Dried Urine Hormone Testing

I offer my clients one of the most advanced hormone tests, “The DUTCH Hormone Test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) by Precision Analytical lab, showing an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and melatonin, along with their metabolites, to help identify symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  Whilst you can test your hormones via blood…

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Blue Monday Moods and Menopause


It’s Blue Monday, the name given to the so-called most depressing day of the year, the 3rd Monday in January, here’s some natural solutions to get your through on top of the peri menopause sadness! The 3rd Monday of the year was found to be the most depressing day of the year by Dr Cliff Arnall,…

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Christmas Red cabbage for Menopause Relief

Red cabbage has always been part of my Christmas meal, but did you know cabbage can help your menopause symptoms and boost your health. Relieve Menopausal Symptoms Cabbage, particularly red cabbage which is easily found at this time of year.  Its contains phytoestrogens which can help reduce hot flashes and aid hormone balance.  Cruciferous veggies…

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Anxiety plus Peri Menopause, Welcome Christmas Stress

The festive season is upon us, pre-social distancing days parties and social gatherings would have occupied the lunches and evenings in the lead up to the big day!  Just what you need on top of the Peri Menopause anxiety. For some there may be disappointment and sadness – the opportunity to catch up with old…

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Does menopause destroy your marraige

Does Menopause slowly destroy your Marriage?  Peri menopause can be a tough life phase for many women, not just on a physical level but emotional too. During the peri menopause phase, (which can last from a few months to a decade) women’s hormones are fluctuating daily, and the transition can be uncomfortable physically.  Plus it’s a…

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Clear Oestrogen Dominance in Peri Menopause

hormone test

Do you have oestroge dominance – learn how you can clear oestrogen dominance and excess oestrogen in Peri Menopause by detoxing your Liver. You’ve probably heard me banging on about Liver health and the importance of a healthy liver during your Peri and post menopause years.  Many women do not understand how many roles the…

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Bedford Menopause Café Meet-ups

menopause meetpups

Join us for “Mochas & Menopause” or “Mocktails & Menopause” to talk The M Word, breaking the taboo, increasing awareness, our Meet-ups are a safe place to share your experiences, feel heard and understood, be supported and make new friends. It’s time to talk about the “M” word! Yep, let’s break the Taboo. Our event…

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Milton Keynes Menopause Café Meet-up


Join us for “Milton Keynes Menopause CafeMeet-ups” to talk The M Word, breaking the taboo, increasing awareness, our Meet-ups are a safe place to share your experiences, feel heard and understood, be supported and make new friends. It’s time to talk about the “M” word! Yep, let’s break the Taboo. Our event is open to…

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DUTCH Complete Test near me

Dutch complete test

DUTCH Complete Test, where near me provides the test and when should you take it if you are Peri Menopause.  Peri Menopause can feel frustrating! Believe me I know. One month your cycle is a perfect 28 days. The next you skip a period. Then it comes every 24 days! So how do you know…

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Peri menopause Statistics – Low mood, anxiety, depression


Peri Menopause, Low Mood & Depression – One person in four with menopause symptoms is concerned about their ability to cope with life. The following research is from the independent Nuffield Health group discovered the following sobering facts. Here at The Hormone Fairy we hear from women every single day who are struggling with the emotional side,…

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What are the 34 symptoms of Menopause?

Signs of Menopause

Did you know there are over 34+ symptoms of Peri Menopause?  Do you know what those Menopause symptoms are? The good news is that you won’t get all of these symptoms at once, and some women sail through the Peri Menopause transition with very few symptoms. Menopause doesn’t have to be Miserable.   By understanding your…

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DUTCH Complete Test UK Review for Peri Menopause

DUTCH Complete Test UK Clients Review from a PeriMenopause Client.  This client was given Antidepressants and HRT by her GP.  However she didn’t feel this was the right solution for her as she felt it could be mainly stress related.  Watch this video to here how she found the DUTCH Test and her Consultation with…

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How to spot signs and symptoms of Menopause

How do you know that you are in Menopause, what are the signs and symtpoms.  Your wonder if it could be PERIMENOPAUSE but your Doctor say’s “You are too young to be Menopausal”, “It’s part of ageing” or “Your hormones levels are normal” offers you a Pill but no solution or answers.  Watch this short…

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Milton Keynes women united to talk Menopause

Milton Keynes women came together in Milton Keynes for Let’s Talk Menopause in conjuction with HealthWatch Milton Keynes and The Hormone Fairy Women often tell us they’ve felt their menopausal symptoms or related health concerns have been dismissed by their GP. Women frequently experience unnecessary battles when trying to get the right care during the…

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UK unite to tackle menopause taskforce

Ministers and senior clinicians from across all 4 nations will come together today for the inaugural meeting of the UK Menopause Taskforce. First meeting of UK Menopause Taskforce to co-ordinate and work together on support for women across all nations Consultation launched into reclassification of low-dose hormone replacement therapy (HRT) product Gina Formation of taskforce…

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Hypnosis Menopause & Hot Flashes


Hypnosis has been shown to reduce hot flashes by up to 74% showing it to be as effective as HRT in managing Menopause symptoms. Around 85% of women will experience hot flashes and night sweats during their Peri Menopause years.   Many women are looking for a natural non-pharmaceutical treatment for the symptoms or cannot take…

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9 foods for Anxiety and Depression in Menopause


Struggling with your mood swings, anxiety or depression, it’s common in women with Hormonal Imbalance, Peri Menopause and Post Menopause.  A poor functioning gut can lead to unwanted hormonal symptoms.  During a client consultation I look for signs of inflammation and often recommend nutrition plans or detox to help fix the microbiome first (the bacteria…

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Pumpkins for Halloween are great for Menopause women too!

Did you know that eating Pumpkin, Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil could help ease those Menopause symptoms.  Pumpkin seed are a great source of phytoestrogen (compounds found in plants that are comparable to human oestrogen, capable of producing oestrogenic effects in our body) which may help in reducing migraines, blood pressure, hot flashes, joint pain.…

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73% Of Women Don’t Treat Their Menopause Symptoms, according to Forbes Survey

According to an article in Forbes magazine, 73% Of Women Don’t Treat Their Menopause Symptoms, New Survey Shows Article by Deb Gordon – Full article below, and Link here Though virtually all women experience menopause, it has remained taboo for many women. Hormonal changes during menopause typically bring unpleasant symptoms and indignities: hot flashes, sleep disruption, thinning…

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