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Signs and Symptoms of Perimenopause

Let’s get real, if you’re not aware of what’s going on with your hormones and the perimenopause then it can leave you feeling like you’re going crazy and trapped inside a confused body!

The Perimenopause can be a journey full of symptoms!  It’s commonly known that there are up to 40 symptoms or more, just a few are listed below, but don’t FREAK OUT and log out just yet, it doesn’t have to be all bad, read through to the end.

During the Peri menopause stage (which can last between 2-10 years), your ovaries are slowly shutting down, making less oestrogen and progesterone.  Your hormones can change every month, even hourly, throwing up those pesky perimenopause symptoms you’ve been hearing about.

Are you freaking out yet?

Now you may experience very few of these, or you may have loads, and they may be mild or for some women be debilitating.  It often depends on genetics and your lifestyle and this is where I can help you.

Once you know what to expect, you can understand what’s coming and link the changes to the perimenopause or natural hormone changes, rather that googling your symptoms or deciding you’ve got some mental health disorder.

And I get it!  I was like you.  Even though I was educated in hormones and was treating clients daily, I didn’t notice my own perimenopause symptoms.  That’s what led to me creating programs to educate women in their symptoms and why they’re experiencing them, and how they can overcome them and have an easier transition.  You can find out a little more about what the Perimenopause is here - What’s Perimenopause

Are you struggling with your Hormones?  Don’t be a Hostage to your Hormones!

It’s time to step into your power, feel happier, sexy and back to your old self.

Let me wave my magic wand! 

If you’re ready for something different, ready to take the first step on a journey to a healthier and happier you, then I’m excited to help you make those changes.

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