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Self Hypnosis Toolkit

Your Self Hypnosis Toolkit mini course will help you to emotionally re-programme your mind or achieve your specific goals during Menopause.

Self Hypnosis can be used to improve Confidence and Self Esteem, remove Fears and Anxiety, Motivate you to Lose Weight or make healthier choices or simply for stress relief and relaxation.

By adding self hypnosis techniques to your Menopause tool box you can support yourself.

What you’ll get out over 5 lessons

  • Get to Grips with Self Hypnosis

  • Learn how to Induce and Deepen Your Self Hypnosis

  • Use the 3 Key Protocols in Self Hypnosis

  • Create Post Hypnotic Suggestions

  • Use Your Internal Dialogue to Get the Right Tone

  • Plus you'll receive a Hypnosis Audio MP3 and Goal Setting Journal

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Use self hypnosis daily to achieve your goals

  • Add self hypnosis practices to soothe anxious feelings and moody moments

  • Be able to self reflect

  • Feel safer in your body

  • Feel calm and back in control

Not achieving your Goals or fulfilling your emotional needs can hold you back during Menopause! . . . Join the Self Study Course now! Or why not Upgrade to the Hypno Antidepressant 4 Week Consultations



  • Online Self Study

HYPNO Antidepressant


  • 4 Weekly Private Consultations
Cat Armor LCPH

Work with me 121 and you have my commitment to an easier Midlife Transformation!

The Self Hypnosis course is fabulous to help you achieve your goals.  BUT it can be easy to give up on your Health, Emotional and wellbeing goals in midlife with the crazy Hormone rollercoaster ride, changes in relationships & family or career life, body image & confidence shifts, Career path.  Book 121 Consultations or the Transformation Package to receive my support and encouragement, and have the resources to implement changes for a happier Midlife Transformation.


An online self study course with 5 Modules in your Library to work through at your own pace, plus an eBook, Goal Setting Journal and Hypnosis Audio MP3 recording.

Yes, of course - this is a digital product, all videos are available in your Members Library. 

Simply click on the button, you'll be directed to our Payment page and upon receipt you will be provided access to the Course in your online Library.  Please note as this is a Digital product no refunds are available. 


Content will be accessible for as long as the Members Library platform is in use.  We have no plans to change platform, but you will be notified in advance should the platform change. 

WARNING Prior to Watching or Listening - Contraindications

If you have any of the following conditions, please DO NOT watch or listen as you will need to discuss this with The Hormone Fairy. 

Schizophrenia, Pathalogical personalities, Alcohol or Drug Psychosis, Senility, Epilepsy, Narcolepsy, Bi-polar, Clinical Depression, Suicidal Tendancy, Severe heart condition, severe eating disorder.  Always seek your Doctors approval. 

During your Online Virtual Session

  • DO NOT watch or listen to if Driving, Standing or operating Machinery
  • Sit in a Chair, feet on the floor during the session
  • Inform family in the house that you need to be left alone for 30 minutes in peace
  • Ideally remove animals from the room 
  • Should you loose internet connection or fall asleep, KNOW that you WILL come out of the Hypnosis on your own within 10 minutes feeling confident.  You will not be stuck in a state.
  • Any questions contact

There are no refunds available as this is a digital online course, you will have immediate access to the Members area.  Therefore, there are no refunds available.  

Yes, members can join from across the world.  The course information is suitable for all, however please check Medical Disclaimer.  Please note we do not have Live calls on the Self Hypnosis Course.  However on other courses, we will try to accommodate time zones where possible and change the times of any Live calls throughout the months, all live calls will be recorded and added to the members area so you can access at your convenience.

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