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9 ways Orgasm help women in Peri Menopause

A daily Orgasm helps to relieve stress and helps your adrenal glands! As women our brains are always on the go, and always vigilant looking out for everyone else.

Did you know a woman’s brain completely switches off during an orgasm (or for those who don’t enjoy sex, meditation would do the same)!

.A daily orgasm is good for you!  But you don’t need me to tell you to have more sex, it’s hardwired into our human existence!

  • orgasms help you sleep
  • orgasms help relieve stress and depression, it releases endorphins the happy hormone. Having said that women who had sex without condoms were found to be less depressed as scientists have found compounds in semen reduce depression, what an awesome antidepressant
  • orgasms produce natural pain killers. Oxytocin the love and pain relief hormone kicks in helping you to sleep and relieve pain, so no more being tired or using headaches as an excuse
  • Orgasms increase blood flow to the brain helping brain power!
  • orgasms help you live longer, frequent sex and orgasms increase chance of survival by 50%
  • orgasms help regulate your monthly period and can reduce pain of menstruation
  • orgasms keep your lady parts healthy, the rush of blood and oxygen to your genital tissue keeps them supple and refreshed and can reduce endometriosis.
  • orgasms keep you in shape, 30 minutes in the sheets and at least one orgasm (yep you can have more if you want) can burn 200 calories. That’s a whole lot more pleasurable than 30 minutes on the treadmill!
  • orgasm gets better with age! In a study post menopausal women with average age of 68 had orgasms most of the time with sexual activity! And women over 80 reported the highest frequency of orgasm satisfaction.

Struggling with your Libido during Peri Menopause?


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