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Online Courses

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28 Day Hormone Reset Cleanse & Weight Loss

Kick start weight loss & reset the hormone system, emilinate symptoms such as hot flushes, sleepless nights, brain fog! 28 Day programme.

Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Toolkit

Your online Self Hypnosis Toolkit mini course will help you to emotionally re-programme your mind or achieve your specific goals.

Menopause Masterclass

Menopause Masterclass Series

Weekly Masterclass - Understand Peri Menopause & your Symptoms.  Anxiety & Mood Swing Relief.  Sleep Easy & Weight Loss Class

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No Sugar & Alcohol Menopause Plan

28 Day Challenge to Ditch the Menopause Sugar & Alcohol Habits.  Kickstart a Healthier, more fabulous lifestyle in your 40s & 50s with a total body reset (and to keep you on track for great results!)

Menopause Weight Loss Club

Virtual Menopause Gastric Band & Weight Loss Club

Struggling with Weight Loss join our Members Club & Virtual Menopause Gastric Band Upgrade System.


Anxiety Relief & Mood Mastery

Anxiety and mood swings are common symptom of Peri & post Menopause. Learn how to navigate and eliminate anxiety & moods naturally in this online course.


Membership - Menopause ESCAPE Room

Get Back to You.  Q&As, Masterclass, Motivation, Accountability, Support & Community

121 Coaching & Therapy

Let's have a chat, get to know each other and find out the right Solution, Package or Hormone Test to suit you!  Book your 20 Minute STRATEGY CALL.  Calls are charged at £10, this is refunded when you book a package.  All callers receive an eBook.    No Free Advice, Solutions or Tips are provided, this is a Call to see if we are the correct fit to work together or answer any questions about Courses / Packages. 

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