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No Sugar & Alcohol Menopause Plan: 28 Day Challenge

I used to feel like my cravings for sugar & alcohol were controlling me in my Menopause years, but I found a way to break free. It's time to take back control and #DitchTheCravings! Ready to find balance and peace of mind during menopause! Join us for the No Sugar & Alcohol Menopause Plan.

  • Tired of cravings taking over your life during menopause?

  • Struggling to take back control? You're not alone.

  • Fed up of the night sweats and sleepless nights!

  • Are the clothes feeling tighter, yet you can't control the need for sugar?

  • Frustrated at your lack of willpower or motivation!

Join me for your 28 Day Challenge to reset your body and Ditch the Menopause Sugar or Alcohol Habits.  Kickstart a Healthier, more fabulous lifestyle in your 40s & 50s (and to keep you on track for great results!)

Your challenge is simple and divided into 4 bite size weekly goals to save the overwhelm.

You will learn how to identify your cravings, understand why you crave certain foods, and develop strategies to help you break the cycle.

You’ll cut calories, detox and add nutrients into your daily diet.  Plus give your Menopause body a total overhaul. 

Here's your challenge broken down...

  • WEEK 1 – Drink only zero calorie beverages - You’re ditching the Alcohol or maybe some caffeine.

  • WEEK 2 – Add a green smoothie or raw veggies – Let’s get some nutritious food in to help beat the cravings, improve your energy and sleep!

  • WEEK 3 – Swap out the white stuff – Say goodbye to the sugar and carb cravings, that mid afternoon slump and beat the bloat.

  • WEEK 4 – Ditch the dairy – improve your digestion and maybe shed a few pounds.

I’m not expecting you to give these things up forever, just give me a month and you be the judge as to how fantastic you look and feel!

Each week builds on the previous weeks’ habits – so yes, I am asking you to do your best to ditch the sugar or booze for 28 days, but you’ll have awesome support and it will be fun!  Plus, you could WIN prizes!

(There is a LIVE challenge with accountability in the Facebook Group, or you can buy now do this challenge at anytime)

BONUS! October Challenge includes access to the Members Club!

Join in October & get 1 month FREE inside the Members Club with added Q&As, Masterclasses and support. 

LIVE Challenge Start Dates : 1st October 2023

You'll receive

  • Getting started Checklist

  • Goal Setting Worksheets

  • Daily Motivation to keep you focused

  • 4 Weekly Success Cheat Sheets & Guides

  • Healthy Habits Tracker Sheets to keep you Accountable

  • Access to a Facebook Group or Community group to keep you motivated

Plus I want to make this super easy, so I’ve included some Mind Control Hypnotherapy Bonus MP3 Audios

  • Ditch the Booze, Alcohol Control

  • Weight Loss & Making Healthy Choices

  • You’re too Gorgeous to be Fat

  • Emotional Detox

  • Supreme Self Esteem

What are you waiting for! Join us

The next LIVE challenge with accountability starts soon, or you can buy now do this challenge at anytime.  LIVE Challenge Start Dates : 1st October 2023

Simple CLICK on the BUTTON

Early Bird £30  (spaces limited book by 28/10/23 RRP £67))


I’ve got a celebration over a Weekend, can I still join? Yes of course, this is YOUR challenge. Imagine how proud you’ll be saying NO to the treats. (Or maybe limiting them if you’re not fully ready).

I'm not keen on being in a group!  No problem, you can join this challenge at anytime and have access to the Library, Videos and daily actions.  You do not have to participate in a LIVE challenge or be part of the community groups.

Are the Green Smoothies simple?  Yes, I’m a busy working Menopause women too.  Menopause is overwhelming enough, these are super quick to make with very few ingredients plus I’ll tell you more about a few ingredients you can add to balance or support your hormones further.

What happens if I slip up and eat sugar or have a drink? Do not throw in the towel!  This is your challenge.  I’m helping you to make good habits for like so don’t let a slip up make you abandon this whole challenge.

Will I lose Weight? This isn’t a weight loss challenge, but you’ll be reducing calories so you may shift a few inches or pounds.

How does the Hypnotherapy work?  You’ll have access to the audio MP3s to listen to, they work in a similar way to guided meditations but get through to your subconscious mind to help you make positive changes!  You’ll be able to listen to these daily.

I’m not on Facebook!  That’s ok we have a community group available.  You’ll also receive Emails to keep you accountable.

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