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Work with Me 121

Ready to "Get Back to You"? Let's work together. From Hormone Testing, to Natural Medicine, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Confidence or Weight Loss Support. Click on the Package & Book Now!


MidLife & Menopause Motivation - Complete Package

Ready to Get Back to You!  We'll work together over 12 Weeks, package tailored to your individual needs, physical & emotional symptoms, includes Natural Medicine, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy.  TAP for more....

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Hormone DUTCH Test

Book your DUTCH Test or Blood Hormone test and find out where your Hormones are out of balance.  TAP for more....

homeopathy remedy

Homeopathy Natural Medicine

Homeopathy, Natural Medicine for Physical & Emotional symptoms, from Hot Flashes, Migraines, Irregular Periods to Anxiety, Depressin or Mood Swings.  Tap here for info....

Magical menopause

Hypnotherapy - Physical & Emotional Symptoms

Rapid Hypnosis to resolve Emotional & Physical symptoms, including Anxiety, Confidence, Depression, Stress, Hot flashes, Sleep & Weightloss. Tap here for Info...

menopause weight

FATnosis Menopause Weight Loss - 6 Weeks

Frustrated that no matter what diet, exercise or supplement you’ve tried it just doesn’t work! 6 Week Programme working 121 together.  Tap here to Book!


Hypno Antidepressant - Mood, Anxiety, Mild Depression 4 Sessions

Hypno Antidepressant programme for low mood and mild depression.  Tap here for Info & to Book. 

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V-No Alcohol & Craving Control

Reaching for the Wine or G&T at 5 o'clock to suppress your emotions or stress. Or maybe craving Chocolate & carbs. Ready to reduce or abstain. Tap to Book.


Ready to Get Back to You!

Let's have a chat, get to know each other and find out the right Solution, Package or Hormone Test to suit you!  Book your 20 Minute STRATEGY CALL.  Calls are chargeable at £10 (refunded on purchase of a package, all callers receive an eBook.)  (No advice is given for free during this call)

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