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Natural Antidepressant for Women

The Natural Antidepressant is a new 8 week programme to help you Get back to you - without antidepressants.

This is a new programme combining all of my toolbox as a Homeopath, Coach, Certified Menopause Coach and Hypnotherapist, plus you’ll have added nutrition and lifestyle advice to make it SUPER SIMPLE.

This will become part of an “app” downloadable to iOS and android, which you will have access to after the “test phase”.

Read on to find out how I'm waving my magic wand for you!

Imagine finding Joy again and Getting Back to You!

Get away from the anxiety, mood swings, overwhelm, stress....

If you want to “GET BACK TO YOU”, get back in the driving seat and take control of your life again then we need to get to the ROOT CAUSE (maybe hormonal, or it may be some added life laundry) then join me for our 8 Week Get Back to You programme.

Join my GET BACK TO YOU Coaching Programme- You'll have access to

  • Tools to debug your low moods or depression.

  • You’re going to build your self esteem and confidence and dissociate self-doubt

  • I’ll give you access to a number of tried and tested “Mood Magic” techniques to help you move forward (these were featured in the Telegraph)

  • Information on Natural Medicine (some natural medicine included in the 121 programme for those in the UK)

  • Group Community for friendship and support with access to me

  • Weekly Group Hypnotherapy and Motivational Coaching designed to help you. Plus for those on the 121 option 4 x Individual Coaching & Support calls tailored to you.

  • Audio Recordings

  • You’ll learn EFT, a technique that can help remove anxiety or change your mindset fast.

  • Advice around Foods and Nutrition supplements or herbs to help

Anxiety and Low Moods / Mild Depression are extremely common for many women during their 40s and 50s coinciding with Hormone fluctuations or imbalances.

The hormonal changes lead to physical symptoms which for some can affect the emotions due to fatigue or pain. Then the decline in oestrogen levels can affect the brain and balance of your neurotransmitters which are responsible for regulating your mood, leading to feelings of sadness, irritability, and anxiety.

Progesterone is your calming hormone, a bit like a natural antidepressant and that falls rapidly for many women from the late 30s.

Then we add in “Life Laundry” as I call it, or life events – the loss of a loved one, financial stress, divorce or relationship break-ups, friendships ending or work related stress, children going to Uni – all contributing to the low mood, anxiety or depression feelings.

Anxiety, Stress, Low moods and Overwhelm create a chemical reaction in your body which can become an addiction over time, or part of who you are in the now!

Imagine you wake up in the morning, you feel pretty good almost normal, then your mind starts to wander to the thoughts of the day, anticipating what may go wrong, and you start to feel anxious.

Then you drive the kids to school or go to work and get stuck in traffic making you late, your body uses that feeling of being stuck to bring up your emotional addiction of stress. You arrive at work or the school gates and someone says something toxic, straight away your body uses that emotion to become stressed and continue your chemical addiction.

If you are fed up of this cycle, fed up of feeling anxious or low due to these toxic emotions and the hormonal imbalance, then you need to learn to take control of your body and mind.

It’s not your fault that you’ve struggled in the past, or taken a pill to help, throughout life from school age we’ve been taught WHAT to think but not how to change our thoughts.

These tools and programme are going to bring you back in control, improving friendships, relationships and life – Getting Back to You is priceless !

  • Group Programme all access via the Online Library, Online Community or LIVE Coaching Sessions. These will later or during the 8 weeks be included in an app.

  • 121 – You’ll have all access to the Group Programme plus 4 x 1 hour sessions with me to personalise your “Get Back to You” plan including natural medicine.

Group Programme

Group Programme starts 1st March 2023 Special Offer £200 (RRP £400)

121 Private Programme

Work with me 121 start now (includes the Group programme starting 1st March 2023) Special Offer £400 (RRP £800)


HRT / Antidepressants – This is suitable for women on Medication, for those wishing to come off the Medication this must be done alongside help from your GP, but the programme will support this.

Time involved – This will be bite size, with simple exercises and lifestyle changes to do each day without causing further stress or overwhelm.

Group Coaching calls will be at various times so that you can hopefully join us but will also be recorded. 121 Sessions will be via Video call (or face to face if local) and during the day.

This is only suitable for mild to moderate depression, if you have chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, or any major health issue this programme will not be suitable. If you are in doubt, please book a call with me.

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