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Women just like you have found a Massive Benefit from the Packages, here some Client Testimonials, What a Few Say …

We asked The Hormone Fairy to deliver some sessions at work to anyone who wanted to find out more about the menopause; its impact on women and what people could do to help themselves/their loved ones. Following that session, I looked in to the Dutch test. Having been diagnosed with PCOS in my twenties, I had no idea where I was on the menopause path (not having had a period for 25 years). I contacted Cat and I did the Dutch Test and the results showed that I was post-menopause - my hormone levels were through the floor. I would never have known. A couple of months later and I am on HRT (started 10 days ago) and feel like a new person. I have no idea how long I have needed HRT for but the Dutch Test enabled me to knock on the GPs door armed with evidence I needed help. Cat has also given invaluable guidance on non-medical options for reducing the impact of the menopause on my life. The Dutch Test wasn't cheap but coupled with the guidance received, and how good I am now starting to feel, it was worth every penny to get me on the right path.

Joy Vollans

I was given Cat's details and recommended by a friend. I didn't feel we got off to the best start, due to my own lack of resources and general outlook on life. I was pretty low and exhausted and was beginning to feel resigned to feeling like this. Lack of sleep has been a problem for years. The process went slowly, i think i needed that, to allow my outlook to change a bit also. Having gone through the process and and now being on daily remedies has helped in ways i had almost given up on. Im still pre menopausal of course, but am now doing something about it and i feel so incredibly different! Im getting a proper full nights sleep most nights, and i feel i have more energy as a result and most importantly, my confidence is returning 🙂 Im so grateful for the support and remedies that Cat has given me, I not only feel better, i am also more proactive again! I no longer feel overwhelmed by my situation and am confident I can now manage my symptoms and situation, and when i cant I know who to go to! Thank you Cat, you have been amazing and am truly grateful for your patience and perseverance with me!! 

Nikki Durham

After having my second baby, I'd struggled with a variety of health issues and so was very relieved to find Cat and her support to complete a DUTCH Test, that finally gave me a clear picture of what exactly was going on with my body and its totally out of whack hormone levels. I cannot recommend Cat and the DUTCH Test enough - it has helped me take better charge of my health holistically and based on clear facts and data.

Margot Clarvis

I contacted the hormone fairy as I had been feeling very up and down with my hormones for a number of months and it was really starting to get me down as nothing really seemed to be working for me. So I contacted the hormone fairy for help and carried out a Dutch test to help find out what was really going on, the test helped identify some hormone deficiencies which I would have never have known about! the hormone fairy then helped me get back on track with nutrition advice and herbal remedies and some hypnosis to ease some anxieties which really helped, I now feel so much calmer/relaxed and balanced in my life! I would highly recommend the services of the hormone fairy x

Alexandra Carr

Cat was absolutely wonderful at listening to my needs. I have been extremely tired throughout the whole day, my hormones are all over the place and I needed to do something about it as I could not carry on like this. I have a young child and needed more energy and feel good again. We had a zoom call, Cat explained step by step what the Dutch test entailed and answered every question that I asked. The Dutch test was easy to do, everything was labelled and each step explained when I received the pack. As soon as Cat received my results, Cat and I had another zoom call and my results were explained in detail and why I was feeling the way I was feeling. I was sent a lot of information and guidance on what supplements I should be taking and food I should be eating, what exercise I should be undertaking. The guidance and information given by Cat has improved my way of life a lot. I have been taking the supplements, eating the food recommended and have seen a big difference already. It has only been around 3 weeks. I have more energy and feel a lot better. I am trying to put my health and well-being first so I can be a more happier me for myself and everyone around me. Thank you Cat, I am so glad I came to you and took the Dutch test.

Kaajal Shah

When I started with The Hormone Fairy I had so may menopausal symptoms, physically I had night sweats and hot flushes during the day. My joints ached, and I was struggling with my sleep. I had no energy during the day and was starting to feel depressed. After the first month the aches and pains in my joints vanished and my energy levels started to go up during the cleanse phase. My sleep improved so much, with no night sweats and I was waking up before the alarm clock.

Testimonial Age 47

I was having anything between 12-15 hot flushes per day.  My mood was low, and I drank alcohol most days to combat the stress.  My diet was poor, and I’d gained weight.  I worked with The Hormone Fairy on a 6-month program, losing 9.6kg, reducing my hot flushes to just 1 per day.  Not only did my health and symptoms improve but my relationship with my family benefited and long term I’ve made some positive lifestyle changes.

Testimonial Age 49

I came to Cat at my wits end.  I had multiple complaints from mood swings, swollen joints, a rather sweet tooth and many more.  I’d tried diets and all sorts of remedies in the past with no improvements to my health.  I was left downhearted with a lot of unwanted expensive products in my cupboards.

Cat is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject, delivering it with kindness and honesty.  Our bodies are amazing machines, Cat Enlighted me on how literally everything we put into our bodies good or bad influences not only our physical health but also on the mental health side of things.

After I felt so much better.  Some of my complaints had completely disappeared, some were much more under control, but the best thing for me was, I had a better understanding of how my body worked and how I needed to treat/nourish it.  My hormones had balanced my skin was glowing, I felt like the old me again.

Testimonial – Theresa

“It was lovely to meet you today in Bedford, and all the other fabulous ladies. I so, appreciated all the kindness and space you gave us, I’m immensely grateful we’ve found women who understand. Really looking forward to the next meet up”

Menopause Cafe Testimonial

“I must say a gigantic thank you for this morning session at The Duke pub in Heath and Reach. I have a really fantastic time!”

Menopause & Mocha Testimonial

“Thank you for organising the meeting on Friday, I really enjoyed it and it was a great insight into the issues about menopause!”

Menopause Meet-up Testimonial - Joanne

"Catriona came highly recommended to me three years ago when I was going through some personal hormonal health and emotional challenges.  I had little understanding of what homeopathy could do for me at the time; nonetheless, I decided to try it despite my initial reservations.  Catriona took her time to understand me as a person and determine the most appropriate course of actions and remedies for me.  I was very pleased with the quality and professionalism I experienced during this journey of healing with Catriona, and of course the remarkable results I enjoy now.  I still work with Catriona today to carry on improving my health, mood and general wellbeing and still enjoy great success with my personalised program.  I would highly recommend Catriona to anyone who is looking for a specialist homeopathic practitioner and holistic approach to health and wellness. ”

Marie G age 38 - Sales Manager

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