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Midlife & Menopause Motivation with Natural Medicine

Left the GP’s surgery feeling like the prescription and medication in your hand isn’t the answer to your problem? Feeling frustrated and lost in Midlife? The Midlife & Menopause Motivation Package is for you! Let me help and support you through your journey.

I'll wave my magic wand and help you find your Mojo & Motivation in Midlife. Menopause doesn't have to be miserable, together we'll help you to Get Back to You!

If you’ve been struggling with your Hormones or maybe feel lost now that you are in Midlife & have lost your motivation and joy for life, and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!

Over 12 weeks we'll work together on a programme tailored to your individual needs - whether you are on HRT or Antidepressants, or want to go through the Menopause naturally without Medication, we'll work together to Get Back to You!

Unlike your GP appointment - You’ll be given the opportunity to talk at length, confidentially about your Life, Hormones or Health issues plus any emotional or personal worries without Judgement.  This enables me time to take a detailed health, wellbeing and family history.

Together we’ll start working towards your expectations, putting together a flexible plan with Diet, Supplement and simple lifestyle changes - helping you to feel better.  Adding in Life Coaching, various Online Programmes or Mindset work where necessary, we’ll agree a treatment course with follow-up appointments weekly or bi-weekly to suit your needs which are flexible to change each month.

There is the option to add in the DUTCH Hormone Test or this can be added later if necessary.  Blood Tests for Thyroid or other diagnostic tests are also available.

Ready to get started - Click on the button below and we'll schedule our first appointment.  Or To book a 15 minute telephone clarity consultation to check that we are the perfect fit to work together fill in the form on the contact page.

What's included ..

  • 4 Hours of Consultations ( 15, 30 or 60 mins consultations over 12 weeks)

  • Natural Remedies (Herbs, Homeopathy, Flower essence)

  • Hypnotherapy, EFT or Mindset Shifts (if necessary)

  • Hormone Reset Cleanse or Menopause Belly Programme (if required)

  • Access to the Monthly VIP Members Club

  • SOS Whatsapp Support in between sessions

  • DUTCH Hormone TEST (not included extra charge)

Book Now

3 Months support and natural remedies (option to pay in 3 instalments with PayPal

Book Now - with DUTCH Complete Test

3 Months support and natural remedies (option to pay in 3 instalments with PayPal plus DUTCH Complete Test


Let’s have a chat, drop me an email to book you 1 to 1 clarity telephone call and together we can find the best solution for your needs!

I mainly use A.Vogel Herbal Tinctures, the majority of supplements, herbs and Homeopathic remedies are safe, gentle, non-addictive and will not interfere with other medical treatments.  You will be sent a Health Form to complete, we will discuss if you are on any medication and your prescription will be tailored around this.

The DUTCH hormone test is a useful diagnostic tool, especially if you have a number of symptoms or are on HRT.  We want to make sure you are detoxing the HRT. You can find out more about the test here DUTCH Complete Test near me

Hypnotherapy is simply a state of trance, you can find out more here Hypnosis for Peri Menopause Online & Milton Keynes  This is optional within the 4 month programme, many clients love this part as it's deeply relaxing and brings a sense of change instantly!

Homeopathy was developed over 200 years ago by the German Doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, it’s one of two most widely used forms of medicine used in the world today. It’s gentle, non-invasive and strengthens your health and vitality, and works by stimulating your body energetically. Visit this page for more info Homeopathy for Menopause

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