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Menopause Support Group

Do you have questions about the Peri Menopause or Menopause? Your periods are all over the place, your sex drive is through the roof, or maybe your libido is no where to be seen!  You're forgetful, full of anxiety at work.  You're shouting one moment and then in tears the next.  And then there's the hot sweats and the chin hairs....

Are you feeling alone? Maybe your Partner doesn’t understand you, your girlfriends are in denial and don’t want to talk about it, and your Kids think you’ve got the early stages of Dementia!

Would you like to understand what’s happening to your body and why you’ve got all these symptoms?

Join our Private Facebook Hub where you can ask me questions, learn more of my top tips, feel supported and make new friends.


Our group is full of tips, advice and articles to support you on your journey!

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