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Menopause S.O.S Call & Flower Essences

Menopause S.O.S Call is perfect when you're feeling stuck and need a quick fix with a Flower essence

  • You’re emotional, feeling stuck and can’t figure out which remedy would be best for you.

  • You’ve tried various remedies that worked for a while, but you’re now in freeze mode.

  • You feel you need a little something in your handbag or in hand at all times.

  • You’d like a listening ear and a remedy to give you a new perspective on problems you need to overcome.

Sometimes we can struggle to figure out the wood from the trees when

Bach Flower S.O.S Remedy for Menopause

We are feeling anxious, confused, stressed or overwhelmed.  Or we test out various self-prescribed Natural remedies recommended by our friends or advertised.  Often, they just don’t seem to hit the spot.

This mini S.O.S Menopause Consultation will help to provide recommendations tailored to you.  You’ll have the opportunity to share your symptom, thoughts or challenges without judgement or embarrassment.  When our world feels cloudy having an outside Expert can help you to see new perspectives plus give you the tailored prescription.

It's perfect if you have just one symptom or emotional challenge (such as those listed below).  Should you wish to discuss more then upgrade to the Menopause Relief Consultation where you can discuss all your symptoms and get your Relief Plan.

  • Anxiety, Fears, Moods or mild Depression

  • Apathy / No Motivation

  • Confidence & Low Self esteem

  • Fatigue

  • Sex & Relationship issues

  • Sleep issues

You'll receive a tailored Flower Essence or Homeopathic combination remedy.  I use Bach Flower and Australian Bush Remedies.

Dr Edward Bach - Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences were founded by Dr Edward Bach in 1932, an English doctor who studied medicine at the University College Hospital in London before becoming a house surgeon and a casualty medical officer.  After working in Harley Street as a Consultant and Bacteriologist, he studied immunology and homeopathy.

Despite his success with western orthodox medicine, he felt dissatisfied with how doctors were expected to focus on disease and ignore the patient.  He therefore turned to alternative medicine with the belief that illness is the effect of disharmony between body and mind.

In 1928 he began working on his own remedies made from plants and in 1930 he gave up his medical practice in Harley Street to focus on a new system of medicine which could be found growing in the English and Welsh countryside.

The original Bach Flower Remedies can be wonderful to help the emotional side of Menopause and hormone imbalance.  They gently restore the balance between the mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, indecision and more, allowing you to feel peace and happiness so that your body can begin to heal itself.

Menopause S.O.S

  • 30 Minute Consultation

    Via Video call or Phone - We will discuss 1 issue/symptom. If you have more please book the Menopause Relief Consultation.

  • Unique Remedy

    For UK Clients, you will receive a unique blend of Flower Essences or a Homeopathic Remedy pack.  Worldwide Clients will receive Remedy Prescriptions to get remedies from their Homeopathic Pharmacy.

  • Guidance

    Remedies are safe to take alongside medication, please make sure you inform us during the consultation if you are on medication.

Menopause S.O.S Call

Book your 30 Minute Consultation now

To find out more about Homeopathy & Flower Essences click on the Blog above!

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