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Menopause Retreat Tofte Manor Bedford

Take Time out to Breathe! Time out for You! Nurture yourself and join Caroline and Cat, for a Menopause Retreat at the stunning Tofte Manor in Bedford. A safe space, where you can be open and honest, feel understood and supported. Discover how to alleviate your Perimenopause & Menopausal symptoms naturally, how to feel happier more often, live a healthier positive life and be YOU again!

All women are going to go through the Menopause. Some women experience early menopause due to illness or surgery, other women go through naturally in their 40’s and early 50’s. But too often women are unprepared, unaware of what to expect or the symptoms.

Not only do our bodies change, but often during our 40’s and 50’s we experience emotional shifts and “Life Laundry” - Empty nest syndrome. Relationship issues – divorce, changes in sex life, dating, being widowed. Serious illness. Challenges helping elderly parents or losing our parents. Grief.   Changes in Work or redundancy. Your retreat experts have personal experience of all of these life laundry challenges and this puts them in the perfect place to support you.

Whether you are early 40s and peri-menopausal, early surgical or medically induced menopause or right in the middle of those mood swings, hot flushes and sleepless nights - Our Menopause Retreats will help you to understand your symptoms, helping you to manage them and take control. Learn coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of every day life laundry and put future life goals in place.

Remove yourself from the Stresses of every day life

So often as women we put others first – Work, The kids, the partner, our colleagues, and even the dog! Our lives are so busy and hectic, multi-tasking with little work/life balance. This all puts pressure on our physical and emotional health. It’s time to put ourselves first and stop neglecting our mind and body!

Nestled away in beautiful surroundings from the stresses of every day life, you can rest, rebalance, take time out to focus on you, deal with any physical or emotional issues and rethink your life.

Choose from our 1or 2 day stay where you’ll enjoy delicious and nutritious food, gain expert advice, meditate, practice mindfulness and learn simple tools that you can put into your daily routine when you get home to continue your journey to a healthier mind, body and you.

You will leave our Retreat feeling relaxed, grounded and recharged – and positive towards the Menopausal phase with a plan for a brighter and happier future you.

Our next Retreat is on SATURDAY 23rd MAY & SATURDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 2020

Cost £125 

Start time : 10am

Finish : 4pm

Following the Retreat you’ll have the option to continue to Work with both Catherine and Cat on follow up Programmes to manage your Hormones and Mindset.

How to Book & Further Information

Click this link below to find out further information and to Pay.  Or visit "Menopause Events Page"

Menopause Retreats

Please see Cancellation Policy on the Menopause Retreat Page of the Website.

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