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Menopause Masterclass Series

Every day I get messages from women saying “I’m in my 40’s, I think I’m in Peri menopause and feel like I’m going in sane. Help me!”

If you’re a 40 something, then chances are those PSHE or Personal Education lessons in High School taught us the very basics of our Periods and absolutely nothing about how our hormones or periods would change in our 40s.  Let alone any education in to why our Mum’s had suddenly gone Crazy!

Do you wish you could

  • Understand what on earth is going on with your hormones in peri menopause
  • Get to grips with the moods swings and the anxiety
  • Sleep problems in menopause - Learn to sleep like a baby again!
  • Weight Gain in Menopause - Understand how to shift that Weight

Did I hear a "Oh Yes, I need to know ALL of this!"

Then I've got some Good News, you’re in the right place

Menopause Masterclass


Following the Success of Season 1 we're back with 4 Masterclasses and 4 workbooks to help you feel happier, sexy and back to your old self!

There are 4 Classes in the Series, each of the Masterclasses and Workbooks will educate, inspire and help you implement some changes in your Peri Menopause journey.

You'll receive access to your Workbook plus a Live Course held on Zoom.  Don't worry if you can't join the LIVE class you'll have access to the Recording for 4 weeks.

Here’s all the details.   (FREE for Sorority Club Annual Members)

Masterclass 1 – Understanding Peri Menopause.  Monday 9th May or Weds 25th May

Over the years of working with my clients, I’ve learnt that if your hormones are out of balance it can affect every other system in the body, including your emotional state and your personal priorities! Understanding how your body is changing, testing your hormones and putting in diet and lifestyle changes is crucial to feeling better.

Masterclass 2 – Anxiety Relief & Mood Swings! Tuesday 24th May

Struggling with Anxiety or always in a mood?  Your Partner, Husband and kids are tip toeing around on egg shells.  Wondering if you’re gonna be Mary Poppins or Cruella de Vil today.  Let’s understand what’s going on from crying, moods, anxiety and depression and put in some simple solutions

Masterclass 3 – Peri Menopause Weight Gain & Solutions! Monday 23rd May

You hit your late 30’s , 40’s and 50’s and all of a sudden the weight starts to pile on around the middle!  You go to the gym and exercise yet still you can’t shift that muffin top. Not only has your libido changes, but now you feel unattractive and don’t feel confident in your clothes.   In this Masterclass you’ll discover how your hormones, stress and exercise may be causing the weight gain.  Plus learn simple solutions to kick start your metabolism and shift that spare tyre, making you feel confident and sexy again!

Masterclass 4 – Sleep, I just want to Sleep ! Monday 30th May

Let’s talk Sleep!  Remind me what that is again?  Why is it you get to your peri menopause years and suddenly you can’t get to sleep, your mind is racing or your wired.  On the other hand you get to sleep but wake up at 1am or lie there wide awake at 4am before falling back to sleep just as the alarm clock goes off.  You’re knackered with low energy and poor concentration throughout the day, it’s affecting your relationships and your work.  Join the Masterclass where we’ll explain what’s going on and help you to put in some solutions for a better nights sleep.

I want in! Sign me up for all 4 Classes

Each Masterclass will be held in Zoom, Recording available for 1 Month

Each class is £25 OR Complete MASTERCLASS SEASON 3  £97 (FREE to Sorority Club ANNUAL Members) 

Understanding Peri Menopause - Class 1

Access to the Recording and eBook

Class is £25   (FREE to Sorority Club Annual Members)

Complete MASTERCLASS SEASON 3  Just £97   

Anxiety Relief & Mood Swings - Class 2

Access to the Mood Swings Class plus Workbook

Each class is £25 (FREE to Sorority Club Annual Members)

Complete MASTERCLASS SEASON 3  Just £97   

Weight control - Class 3

Access to the Weight issues Masterclass plus eBook / Workbook

Each class is £25  (FREE to Sorority Club Annual Members £200 Annual)

Complete MASTERCLASS SEASON 3  Just £97   

Sleep - Class 4

Access to the Sleep Masterclass plus eBook / Workbook

Each class is £25 (FREE to Sorority Club Annual Members)

Complete MASTERCLASS SEASON 3  Just £97   


Annual Membership £200

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