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The Hormone Fairy

Natural Menopause Support

Menopause Health Coaching

I’m guessing you’ve found me as you’re in your Mid to Late 30’s, 40’s or early 50’s.  Your hormones are all over the place, you’re not quite sure what’s going on and you just feel Blah!  You may have been to the Doctor and they’ve offered you some Medication, but that’s not the route you want to go down.

There’s so many conflicting messages out there about Hormone imbalance and the menopause that it’s hard to know what to do for the best.  My advice is that you need to tune into your body, understand your hormonal cycle and continue to educate yourself.

Do you:

  • Struggle to get to sleep?

  • Wake up exhausted?

  • Have Hot Flashes during the day or night?

  • Feel bloated after eating?

  • Find it hard to maintain or lose weight?

  • Suffer with debilitating Migraines?

  • Have a low or non-existent sex drive?

  • Try to do 3 things at once and forget what you’re doing?

  • Suffer with Brain Fog and retaining information?

  • Have severe Period Pain or PMS?

  • Feel anxious or depressed?

  • Get angry at absolutely everything and everyone!

  • Experience energy slumps at 11am or 4pm

  • Feel desperate to change parts of your life… relationship, job, happiness….?

Did you answer Yes to any of these, then you’re in the right place!

You don’t need to settle any more… Let me help you!

I know how you feel as I’ve been there!  In my late 30’s I started to feel unhappy, I was in a rubbish relationship and felt lost.  My periods were all over the place, overnight my cycle changed, and I experienced pain even though I’d never suffered before.  I was waking up in a puddle of sweat, struggling to drag myself out of bed in the morning.  Shouting at the Kids and the poor dog, and people would have to repeat a question at least 3 times before my brain would connect.

And that is why I founded “The Hormone Fairy”.  As a Homeopath, Healer and Health Coach I advocate a holistic philosophy, paying attention to diet and lifestyle choices, connecting the mind, body and soul.

I created this 12 week Hormone and Health Coaching program for women like you, and quite frankly like me, who need to gain control over their bodies and minds.

This holistic program is tailored to your individual needs, tackling your Hormone, Peri-Menopausal and Menopause Symptoms, as well as dealing with all that Life Laundry going on in your mind.  With full support and encouragement, plus education, you will find the new you.  Full of energy and Life.

Are you ready to Step into Your Power, Feel Happier, Sexy and back to your old self!

  • Do you want to have more energy?

  • Do you want to sort out your life?

  • Do you want to sleep better?

  • Do you want to have better sex?

  • Do you want to think more clearly?

  • Do you want to banish hot flashes?

  • Do you want to lose the bloat?

  • Do you want to feel healthier?

Then … The 12 week Hormone & Health Coaching Package Is for You.

I’m so excited you’re up for making changes.  This is the first step on a journey that will help you change your life.  All I’m asking is for you to dedicate 12 weeks – just 12 weeks to working with me.  Once you decide to commit, and stick with it, you’ll succeed.

What is the Hormone & Health Coaching Package?

This program is going to teach you how to eat, move and ultimately feel loads better.  It’s not about weight loss, although if you follow the advice and start listening to your body, any additional weight may drop off.  Weight loss is a side effect of a healthy eating plan and healthy mind.  Yep believe it or not, our digestive system is closely connected to our mind, plus a healthy gut is important for our hormones.

Over our 12 weeks together you’ll gain a better understanding of what’s happening to your body through the menopause phase, why it’s throwing up all these new symptoms and how diet, supplements and lifestyle changes can make a massive difference to your body and the way it copes with these hormonal changes.  We’ll look at the Hormones, Pelvic Health, Bone Health, Heart Health and tips on Sexual function.  Learn how to detox effectively.  Receive exercise tips and Mindfulness mediations.

Working together, we’ll address the systems in your body that are fighting against the hormone deficiency that menopause brings.  You’ll understand how the stresses of modern day life and diet may be making your symptoms worse, and learn how to improve them.

Your package comes with regular consultations in person, over skype or telephone.  Homeopathic remedies to help your specific symptoms, high quality, personally selected supplements, plus you will also receive all the information, recipes, work sheets and support you need to succeed at mastering your menopausal symptoms.

On top of that, we’ll work on your Life Laundry too.  All that stuff that might be weighing you down or preventing you from being happy.  Many women around the menopause phase find they’re feeling anxious, depressed or generally stressed, and we’ll tackle that together.  The physical and mental changes that happen to your when you do this program will change your perspective on everything.

With downloads, videos, meditations and documents you’ll find plenty of tips to help you tackle the common hormonal and menopausal symptoms.  This 12 week course is truly a holistic approach to your hormonal imbalance and menopause that will help your mind, body and spirit.

What's included

  • Welcome pack with goal setting, Food diary, Progress Records, Meal Planners
  • 6 ½ hours of Time with me either in person, via telephone or Skype – including Homeopathic consultations, nutritional consultations and life laundry coaching.
  • Homeopathic Remedies – selected especially for your needs
  • Everything in the 30 Day Hormone & Hot Flush Solution Package, including 10 Day Herbal Cleanse Programme – to rid your system of the toxins of modern day life to bring your gut back into balance.
  • Monthly Nutritional Booster Supplements –high quality supplements hand picked just for you to help tackle common menopausal symptoms, aid detoxification and add vital nutrients to your body.
  • Lifestyle analysis – to find out what system in your body need some additional help
  • Hormonal Questionnaire – helping you to understand your symptoms
  • Easy steps to follow to make lifestyle improvements
  • Comprehensive advice and support on eating, alternative health, supplements, nutrition, recipes and lifestyle tips
  • Information on understanding your Hormones, Bone Health, Heart Health, Pelvic Health and sexual function
  • Goal setting tips
  • Exercise advice and tips
  • Breathing and relaxation advice and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Regular texts, emails, Facebook support
  • Access to a private Facebook support group where you can share, swap tips, ask advice and generally feel motivated

… Plus you will Also Receive

  • Access to Membership Area

    Packed with videos, downloads, documents and recipes.  This is where you will receive everything you need to make the most out of the cleanse and supplements.  You will also learn what is happening to your body through menopause and how diet and supplements make a massive difference to your body and the way it copes with the hormonal changes.

  • Support from the Group and “The Hormone Fairy” herself

    You will also have access to a support group of fellow Holistic Menopause members where you can swap tips, ask advice and generally feel motivated.  

  • Plus a Free Gift

    Each Holistic Menopause Package sent out will include a free gift of the month.  Something related to the package that you will either enjoy, will help you relax or is useful for your menopause journey.

Why is this Package for You?

This package offers a holistic approach to the menopause like no other.  The Hormone Fairy will help you address the systems in your body that are fighting against the hormone deficiency that menopause brings.  You will understand how the stresses of modern day life and diet make the symptoms so much worse, and what you can do to improve them.  You don’t have to settle for feeling sluggish, bloated, unhealthy, overweight, bored or life or tired!  Struggling to get out of bed in the morning isn’t ok!  You can change all of these things.

And on top you will look at the mindset that hits so many women around menopause leading to more anxiety, depression and general stress.  This package truly is a holistic approach to menopause that will assist your mind, body and spirit.

The beauty of the membership area is you can receive so much information that will be insightful, useful and fun.  The area includes Videos, downloads, documents and recipes

Women just like you have found a Massive Benefit from the Program, here are What a Few Say …

I enjoyed doing the 28 day challenge, I learned about eating for nutrition and had fun with discovering new recipes. It wasn't a diet as such, I never went hungry, it disciplined me to eat the right foods. In addition to loosing weight, there was a substantial improvement in my energy levels.

Michel K Age 45

When I started with The Hormone Fairy I had so may menopausal symptoms, physically I had night sweats and hot flushes during the day. My joins ached, and I was struggling with my sleep. I had no energy during the day and was starting to feel depressed. After the first month the aches and pains in my joints vanished and my energy levels started to go up during the cleanse phase. My sleep improved so much, with no night sweats and I was waking up before the alarm clock.

Testimonial Age 47

I was having anything between 12-15 hot flushes per day.  My mood was low, and I drank alcohol most days to combat the stress.  My diet was poor, and I’d gained weight.  I worked with The Hormone Fairy on a 6-month program, losing 9.6kg, reducing my hot flushes to just 1 per day.  Not only did my health and symptoms improve but my relationship with my family benefited and long term I’ve made some positive lifestyle changes.

Testimonial Age 49

I came to Cat at my wits end.  I had multiple complaints from mood swings, swollen joints, a rather sweet tooth and many more.  I’d tried diets and all sorts of remedies in the past with no improvements to my health.  I was left downhearted with a lot of unwanted expensive products in my cupboards.

Cat is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject, delivering it with kindness and honesty.  Our bodies are amazing machines, Cat Enlighted me on how literally everything we put into our bodies good or bad influences not only our physical health but also on the mental health side of things.

After I felt so much better.  Some of my complaints had completely disappeared, some were much more under control, but the best thing for me was, I had a better understanding of how my body worked and how I needed to treat/nourish it.  My hormones had balanced my skin was glowing, I felt like the old me again.

Testimonial – Theresa

Let the Hormone Fairy wave her magic wand

If you’re ready for something different, ready to take the first step on a journey to a healthier and happier you, then I’m excited to help you make those changes…….

I want in!

Great, let’s have a 15 minute chat to answer your questions and check that this is the right program and that we’re the right fit to work together.  Drop me an Email to book! 

Still have questions?

Then let’s have a chat. Drop me an email to book you 1 to 1 clarity telephone call or ask me a question!

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