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Menopause for Men

Menopause and Men

Menopause for Men is for you, if you are you wondering what's wrong with her?

She's like Mary Poppins one moment, happy and full of fun and light.

Then the next she's Cruella de Vil - moody, crying and full of rage!

You're creeping around wondering what you should (or shouldn't say!)

Then there's the intimacy (or lack of it).

She doesn't want SEX anymore or when she does it seems like she is doing it just for you.

Her self esteem is low, she's putting on weight, she cancels seeing friends as she feels fat and frumpy.

She comes home from work tired, lacking in confidence as she forgets words and can't remember why she went into a room.

It's not HER 

It's her Hormones!

Let me help you to help her.

Improving your relationship with your loved one or your colleagues as they go through "the change" (ps. please don't ask if we are going through the change, we don't like that term) it's the PeriMenopause.

How you can help me!

I want to know what you need to know and how you feel. So many Men contact me saying "I tried to get her to get help, but she wouldn't and I can't take it anymore, we're getting a divorce".

Can you spare me 1 minute to answer a few questions. Click the button below and complete that for me.  I'll be forever grateful xx

How I can help you!

Join the Men's only Facebook Group.  This is a Private Group where you can be open, share, ask questions (whinge if you want to) - Plus I'll be sharing Tips, Videos and will be answering your Questions.

Click the Button Below to Join the Group.

If you want 121 help or wonder how I can help the lady in your life (or maybe you need help yourself with Anxiety or Low Mood, I work with Men too) then drop me an email via the contact form here Contact & Book Now 

Menopause in the Workplace - Does your office / workplace do Wellness Talks or Trainings.  For fun interactive Workshops get in touch.

Menopause does NOT have to be MISERABLE

For You

Or her!

Get in touch if you need help.

Love Cat xx


How I can help Her!

  • DUTCH Hormone Tests to check her Hormone levels and Cortisol, so she can understand her symptoms and get advice on how to improve her overall Hormone Health and Wellbeing.
  • 1 Hour Menopause Relief Consultations
  • Weight Loss & Craving Control Programmes
  • Anxiety Relief
  • 4 Month Menopause Support to Get Back to Her!
  • Low cost Monthly Membership Club

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