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Menopause Festival

Menopause Festival

How would it feel to get rid of mood swings and sadness, release excess weight and feel like the old you again?

Imagine finding your Mojo, losing weight and learning how to control those irrational thoughts, anxiety and moods.

Explore and understand your Hormones and the Peri Menopause. Plus learn simple lifestyle changes for a healthier, more confident and happier 40's & 50's.

Join the Menopause Festival on 23rd-26th November, our Expert Speakers will help you to find Menopause Relief

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You are not supposed to put up with feeling like crap! And you do not have to dread the midlife Menopausal years. The peri menopause years can be a smoother ride once you have a full understanding of your hormones.

Now some of my girlfriends and clients have gained an understanding into the Menopause, but many haven't, and this saddens me. It's the lack of education (plus the lack of time or knowledge from some Doctors) that leave us confused as to why we are feeling so shit all of a sudden.   Why we feel we’ve lost ourselves and turned into a different person.

That’s exactly why I feel so strongly that all women should understand their hormones and how their body is changing, on both the physical and the emotional mental level. And why I'm hosting the "Menopause Festival" from 23rd - 26th November!

   Are you fed up of feeling . . .

   ❌ Moody

   ❌ Unhappy

   ❌ Sad

   ❌ Tearful

   ❌ Fat and frumpy

   ❌ Hot and Sweaty

   ❌ Constantly tired

   ❌ Anxious

   ❌ Brain Dead

   ❌ Lacking in va va voom

   ❌ Wide awake at night

   ❌ Like you've gone crazy!

   ❌ Feeling guilty for not wanting a quickie with the Hubby

   This is a must for women in your 40's and 50's!

Weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, libido, joint pain, mood swings - You do not need to suffer, once we understand our Hormones we can put simple changes in place to ease the transition from peri to post menopause.



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