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Manifesting a Magical Menopause

Magical menopause

Are you ready to start Manifesting a Magical menopause?  Menopause doesn't have to be miserable, it can be magical and you can have everything or be who you want to be.

The Menopause transition is a time of reflection, as you enter midlife, often you grieve the person you once were or the life you once dreamt of.  Maybe you've become stuck in a relationship or job, your self esteem is low, you've lost confidence or feel invisible.

As a child you had dreams, then you grew up, maybe your dreams were crushed by Teachers or Parents.  Fear of failure, limiting beliefs or childhood trauma can keep you stuck.

But there is a parallel universe out there.

The new version of YOU already exists, you just need to tap into HER vibration and energy.

Every month inside the Menopause Escape Room you have the opportunity to Manifest your Magic - come and join us for just £30 a month or £100 for the year!

I was first introduced to Manifesting in 2006, and it's been part of my daily life ever since.  It's a great way to bring positivity into your life, something that many women are lacking during the Menopause transition.

A great starting point is to watch The Secret.  However, the movie doesn't go into the HOW.  You can't just Ask, Believe and Receive.  You have to do some work.

Often Manifesting doesn't work due to our inner self beliefs, fears of failure and lack of action.

This is an exercise that's available to you every month inside the Escape Room - keeping you accountable for creating the Women you want to be.


Over my 16 years of Manifesting, I have read so many books - here are a few to help you get started.  Click on the Link to order

The Secret  

The Science of Getting Rich

The Game of Life and How to Play it


Creative Visualisation

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For guidance and meditations you may enjoy the following Youtube channels.

Dr Joe Dispenza

Brian Scott

Burt Goldman

Neville Goddard

Join us inside The Menopause Escape Room

Your Online Place to Escape with Accountability - Support - Training - Friendship helping you to become the Woman you truly want to be.

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