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Hypnosis Menopause & Hot Flashes


Hypnosis has been shown to reduce hot flashes by up to 74% showing it to be as effective as HRT in managing Menopause symptoms.

Around 85% of women will experience hot flashes and night sweats during their Peri Menopause years.   Many women are looking for a natural non-pharmaceutical treatment for the symptoms or cannot take HRT.  Hypnotherapy can be used as an alternative, to manage your symptoms and emotions, helping you to feel empowered and back in control during your Menopause Transformation.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and inner focus, allowing your sub conscious mind to get to the root cause of your problems.  Helping to remove blockages and write new chapters in your life, putting aside fears and the ability to change what you believed was unchangeable.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help anxiety, stress, mood swings and anger issues, hot flushes, sleep, weight loss, PTSD and more...

Read the Scientific Hypnosis studies here Hypnotherapy: scientifically proven to help Menopause

How can Hypnosis & The Hormone Fairy help you?

  • Learn some self-help tools and techniques to quickly reduce those hot flashes and night sweats allowing you to feel cooler, calm and back in control.
  • Identify and resolve any unsolved or deep underlying emotional blocks and beliefs that may be causing your low self-esteem or lack of confidence.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and low mood which could affect your Career and Relationships
  • Help with lifestyle changes, such as weight loss and cravings, reducing alcohol and caffeine.
  • Create deeper sleep & increase energy


How do I book Hypnosis & is this available Worldwide?

Using Hypnosis & a Menopause Relief Plan, I will work with you individually to ease your physical and emotional symptoms, getting to the underlying cause of your problems and making the necessary changes to a happier you!

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