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HypnoJab® Weight Loss

HypnoJab® is the worlds premier hypnotic weight loss jab, which is the alternative to the medical jabs such as Saxenda and Wegovy which carry potential dangerous side effects.

The formal HypnoJab® launch is 1st September 2023

You will be able to book onto your 121 HypnoJab® programme with Cat Robinson Armor aka The Hormone Fairy from 1st September - Please Complete the Contact Form to be added to the "WEIGHT LIST"

As an accredited HypnoJab® Consultant you will get 121 Coaching and Support from me, plus  you will have access to a secret Facebook Users group with lifelong membership. In other words, for as long as the Users group is operating!

The HypnoJab® users group will provide support including:

  • Meal Planning

  • Reminders of how to use the 3 HypnoJab® processes they have received from me, your HypnoJab® Consultant.

  • Additional support including motivation and a supportive community to encourage members to move forward successfully.

Who is the programme for?

Further details of the HypnoJab® Programme will be available from 1st September.  

As a HypnoJab® Consultant you will be able to book the 1-1 HypnoJab® service with The Hormone Fairy from 1st September 2023.

This is a very exciting time and brings a brand new Hypnotherapy and Psychological support to the market, helping those seeking to lose and manage their weight long term.

The formal HypnoJab® launch is 1st September 2023 - Join the WEIGHT LIST

Launching 1st September

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