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HypnoJab® hypnotherapy weight loss consultant for Menopause

PROFILING THE BEST: HypnoJab® Consultant In Training, Cat Robinson Armor aka The Hormone Fairy.

I'm Cat Robinson Armor, also known as The Hormone Fairy.

I am a Certified Menopause Health Coach and Hypnotherapist, specialising in natural medicine and nutrition.

With a wealth of experience spanning 14 years, my passion lies in assisting women who face the challenges of menopausal symptoms and weight gain.

Often, these individuals have exhausted various options and may feel disheartened by the traditional medical approaches.

Recognising the pivotal role of the mind in weight loss journeys, I am honoured to be training to become a valued member of the dedicated HypnoJab® Consultant team.

While my focus has primarily centred around menopause-related weight loss, I am thrilled to announce that starting in September, my clinic will be open to both men and women of all ages.

For the convenience of my clients, I offer in-person consultations near Milton Keynes; however, most of my clients benefit from the flexibility of online sessions conducted via video calls.  HypnoJab® will be available to clients in USA and Canada.

By leveraging the power of hypnotherapy and my expertise in menopause health coaching, I am committed to supporting individuals in achieving their weight loss goals and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

HypnoJab® is the worlds premier hypnotic weight loss jab, which is the alternative to the medical jabs such as Saxenda and Wegovy.

The formal HypnoJab® launch is 1st September 2023.


Here are 6 ways I'll be helping you as your HypnoJab® Consultant.
1. Helping you to love yourself more than food to help eliminate emotional eating.
2. Helping you to stay motivated to keep the weight off when lost.
3. Helping you to control how much they eat to help lose and manage weight.
4. Helping you to make better food choices.
5. Helping you to boost self esteem and confidence as they manage their weight.
Make sure you are on my WEIGHT LIST as we go LIVE with this in September - Email WEIGHT LIST - Use the Contact Page Here Contact & Book Now

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