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How to spot signs and symptoms of Menopause

How do you know that you are in Menopause, what are the signs and symtpoms.  Your wonder if it could be PERIMENOPAUSE but your Doctor say's "You are too young to be Menopausal", "It's part of ageing" or "Your hormones levels are normal" offers you a Pill but no solution or answers.  Watch this short video.

There are over 34 symptoms of the Peri Menopause.  The good news is you won't have all of these symptoms at the same time, plus there are loads of natural solutions to help you through the transition with ease.  Watch the video above.

You don't have to suffer, Menopause doesn't have to be Miserable!

You feel like you've tried everything!  You've been to the Doctors.  You've bought books.  Searched Google and Instagram for answers. Joined every free Masterclass and Seminar available.  And you still feel stuck, you just want to get back to feeling like you again!

Hormonal and menopausal issues doesn't have to ruin your life.

So many women suffer in silence, thinking they are alone in feeling this way.  And only being advised by medical professionals to take a drug.

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