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What hormone test is best in Peri Menopause

hormone test

The Doctors told you “You’re too young to be in Peri Menopause and for hormone tests” or that “Your Blood test results are NORMAL”, but you’re feeling like crap and are fed up with being fobbed off.

Your hormones are responsibly for every activity occurring in your both, from growth to metabolism, reproduction and even sleep!   Knowing if you have a hormone imbalance can help to explain your health, mood, energy levels, fertility and libido. Hormone disorders are common especially in the Peri menopause years, understanding what’s going on can help you put in place lifestyle or diet changes or hormone replacement therapy.

There are different types of hormone tests that you can take, from blood tests to saliva tests, 24 hour urine tests and dried urine such as the DUTCH test.

Let’s have a quick overview of each.

Blood Hormone Test

In general, this is done by your Doctor or privately by your Health Coach, someone like me!  It’s usually just 1 reading, taken in the morning and ideally a specific day of the month. Depending on the type of test it may look at your FSH and LH levels, oestradiol and testosterone. It doesn’t’ show your cortisol or the daily up and down pattern, and it won’t show your oestrogen metabolites.  Plus, it can be stressful for women with needle phobias, although you can do the test through myself using a finger prick test in the comfort of your home.

Saliva Tests

Saliva tests are used to show a free fraction of cortisol, but it often doesn’t show the total cortisol production for the day or the up and down diurnal rhythm of your cortisol.  It’s widely accepted by the Medical Community though, but it can be difficult to fill up 4 tubes of saliva!  And it isn’t sensitive enough to test your oestradiol.

24 Hour Urine

The test isn’t time specific so again will not show the diurnal up and down pattern of your daily cortisol.  Whilst it does measure your hormone metabolites it can be quite difficult to collect all of your urine and it can be expensive.

Dried Urine (Dutch)

Known as the gold standard of hormone testing and the one I love, as it can be used for all sorts of hormone issues not just the Peri Menopause.  It shows your up and down rhythm of cortisol as well as cortisol production.  Plus, it shows your oestrogen and its metabolites, DHEA, Testosterone and Progesterone as well as a few other markers like Melatonin and Vit B.  It’s simple and non-stressful to do, although its more expensive that the saliva testing.  The Dutch test can be ordered through myself in the UK / Europe and comes with a consultation over Zoom video Link.  

You can find out more about the Dutch Test here Why I recommend Dutch Test for Hormone Testing

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