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DUTCH Complete Test near me

Dutch complete test

DUTCH Complete Test, where near me provides the test and when should you take it if you are Peri Menopause. 

Peri Menopause can feel frustrating!

Believe me I know.

One month your cycle is a perfect 28 days.

The next you skip a period.

Then it comes every 24 days!

So how do you know when to take a DUTCH Complete Test or if you should have a Hormone Blood Test. 

Click on these 2 short 30 second videos to understand more . . .


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DUTCH complete test is available via The Hormone Fairy to clients in near me here in the UK and can be sent to the USA.

Hormones fluctuate throughout the Peri Menopause years.

  • When testing FSH you should be testing in Day 2 or 3 of your Period Cycle.
  • Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol can be checked at any time of the month
  • Progesterone should be done 5-7 days after Ovulation.
  • Oestrogen may fluctuate especially if your cycle is not regular.
  • Post Menopause you can test your Hormones at any time of the month. 

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Menopause does not have to be Miserable!  

If you are struggling and not getting the answers you need from your Doctor then get in touch.

When you are ready, here's 3 more ways in which The Hormone Fairy can help you . . .

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