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Does menopause destroy your marraige

Does Menopause slowly destroy your Marriage?  Peri menopause can be a tough life phase for many women, not just on a physical level but emotional too.

During the peri menopause phase, (which can last from a few months to a decade) women’s hormones are fluctuating daily, and the transition can be uncomfortable physically.  Plus it’s a time of reflection - children growing up or leaving home, parents ageing or passing away, career changes…  Changes in life focus can increase stress in a woman’s life.  These huge life changes or events, a kind of midlife crisis coupled with mood swings can create a huge stress on an otherwise happy marriage.  For some couples, the lack of communication only adds strain to the relationship.

Many people have very little knowledge of the impact the peri menopausal symptoms have on women (although that’s changing now thankfully) which may explain why so many marriages or partnerships become difficult around this time.

  • The average UK divorce age is 43.9 for women.
  • 60% of divorces are initiated by women in their 40-60s (typically the Menopausal years) Survey by AARP Magazine

Men are affected too when living with a woman struggling to cope with her symptoms!  I often hear from men who want their wife or partner to get help – sadly many of those men file for divorce too as their wife buries her head in the sand.

How Menopause may add strain to your marriage or relationship!

Why’s she always in a Mood?

Maybe her moods used to be once a month, in the lead up to her period.  But now drastic mood swings can come at any time.  The hormonal fluctuations can start in the late 30’s through to mid-40s.  Her mood can go from happy and calm to depressed, sad, angry or irritated to full blown rage in a matter of minutes.  For a partner or husband on the receiving end of all of this, it can be tough.

She used to be so confident!

Physically her body is changing, it’s not just the brain fog or hot flushes – as the hormones drop many women put on weight.  Some have thinning hair, less muscle mass, dull complexion - all of these physical changes can affect her self-esteem, leaving her feeling undesirable or unattractive. Many women feel invisible at this time, adding to the low mood, depression and putting further strain on the relationship.

Let’s talk about Sex

Then there’s the sex drive.  Or lack of it for some.

“I’ve gone off sex, I just have no desire and I feel guilty” is a common statement I hear from women.

Decreasing oestrogen and testosterone can reduce her desire, or cause sex to become painful for some.   Often the woman can feel guilty, or due to her low self esteem and irrational thoughts, become fearful that their partner may have an affair.  The lack of intimacy and avoidance of sex can leave husbands/partners feeling unloved and unwanted, leading to more arguments and hurt feelings  All of which if not understood can add to the relationship problems.

Sleeps a problem too

Sleep issues and night sweats are a common symptom.  Opening the window, throwing off the covers or lying away from 4am.  Not only does this disturbs the men, but adds to her fatigue during the day and more mood swings.

How can you help her?

Many men are not great at communication, keeping their questions to themselves or bottling up their feelings inside can lead to anxiety or depression for the men too!  Without addressing the added stress of her menopause journey, it just adds to the relationship strain.  Talking opening, especially during the calmer times, gaining an understanding to how she is feeling can help her to feel supported.

When it comes to sex, talk to your partner about your feelings regarding sex and set aside time for physical intimacy.

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How can women help themself?

Women can talk to their doctor about possible solutions to their mood fluctuations, lowered sex drive and vaginal dryness.  HRT hormone replacement therapy can be a solution for many women or contact me for Hormone Testing and Natural Solutions.

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