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Davina McCall & Dr Max Pembeton speak out about HRT and Menopause in the Daily Mail.

Davina McCall & Dr Max Pembeton speak out about HRT and Menopause in the Daily Mail, ahead of her documentary "Davina McCall Sex, Myths and the Menopause" on Channel 4.

The article says "Since the 1940s, women of a certain age have had the option of taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to treat the symptoms of the menopause. When first introduced, it was heralded as the elixir of youth. How things have changed.

It has been so dogged by controversy and mixed messages from the medical community that women now don’t know what to do for the best.

It’s got to the stage where menopausal sufferers are wary of even considering it, while those who do take it, often do so in secret.

Only last week, presenter Davina McCall revealed she was embarrassed to admit she turned to HRT. But why

So many women have to battle their doctors to get it, then feel ashamed to say they are on it as it feels like ‘cheating’ in some way or valuing looks over your health."

You can read the full article here in the Daily Mail.

Dr Pemberton states “I was taught next to nothing about the menopause at medical school, except for a brief lecture on HRT in my second year which only emphasised the risks. It certainly didn’t go into any detail about menopausal symptoms. That was it.”

“My doctor says I’m too young for menopause and offered me an antidepressant”

As The Hormone Fairy, I get emails and social media messages daily from women who aren’t getting the help they need from the GP.

Sadly some Doctors treat menopause as a disease, whereas it is a natural occurring state just like puberty, and like Dr Pemberton said many Doctors didn’t get much training.  The Medical school tends to focus on disease and pharmaceutical drugs as a plaster, which works wonders for some, but they have little education on nutrition or lifestyle changes.

For some women HRT can be amazing and the right solution, others can’t get on with it and use natural solutions, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, reflexology, accupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes.

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