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Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal therapy uses semiprecious and precious stones to enhance physical, mental and spiritual healing.

They’ve been used by healers around the world for thousands of years and today many people are aware of their healing powers.

Your body has an energy field (often known as the chakra system) these can become blocked allowing physical and mental illness to take hold in your body.


Crystals and gems possess a powerful energy that can bring the human energy field back into balance. The aim of Crystal Therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health on all levels of emotions, mind, spirit as well as the physical body.

Crystals can improve the quality of your life, speed up changes and bring choices in your life.

A crystal healing session with me is deeply relaxing.

I recommend wearing comfortable clothes so that you feel relaxed, you’ll lie fully clothed on a treatment couch, with relaxing music playing whilst your bodies’ energy centres are balanced with the use of crystals.  Crystals are placed lightly on specific energy points on or around your body.  Each crystal offers a vibration or healing energy, and you’ll draw the energy from the crystals either intentionally or unconsciously, clearing any blockages so that energy can run freely again.  I’ll often add Reiki Energy Healing to work deeper alongside the crystals.

A full treatment can take up to an hour, the whole experience is very calming and non-invasive as crystal therapy is a channel for pure positive energy.

Sometimes I’ll prescribe a crystal for you to take home, or a crystal elixir, to allow the energy to continue to work deeper in between treatments.

Everyone has their own unique experience during their therapy session; some people see bright lights or colours and have an overwhelming feeling of calm and peacefulness.

After your treatment you’ll leave feeling better.  If you arrived feeling tired, you’ll feel refreshed.  If you were anxious, you’ll feel calm.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll have a sense of clarity and purpose.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on your individual needs.   Together we start working towards helping you feel better.

I recommend a minimum of 3 treatment sessions as energy blocks can become stored deep over time.  I’ll help you recognise an alternative perspective on your health and healing, to address whatever challenges you’re facing.

I want in!

Crystal Reiki Healing    £40

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