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A former ‘chip addict’ barmaid who shed more than six stone through ‘Fatnosis’ says she talks to her “old fat photos” to help her stay slim.

A former 'chip addict' barmaid who shed more than six stone through 'Fatnosis' says she talks to her "old fat photos" to help her stay slim.

This article is taken from the Daily Record newspaper, read the full article here

Cider-loving Laura Lindores used to find herself scoffing most of the pub menu every lunchtime before devouring oven chips or fast food for tea.

A size 18, she used to hide in baggy black jumpers.

But eventually, after years of comfort eating and "feeling worthless", she decided to overhaul her boozy lifestyle and chip habit for good.

Since starting her weight loss journey in her mid-twenties, she has dropped a whopping six-and-a-half stone and now wears size 8 clothing.

Today, she has old photos of herself stuck on her walls.

And she uses them to motivate herself to keep slim - even talking to them each day and promising her former self she won't "get back to that".

“In my moments of weakness, I look to my old fat photos and think, 'Don’t worry I won’t let you get back to that, I’m looking after you'," she said.

Laura, from Ruislip, west London, had piled on the pounds after eating pub food at lunch and swapping dinner for rounds of cider and calorific shots.

Laura, from west London, says she spent years comfort eating and "feeling worthless" (Image: Laura Lindores)

Since starting her weight loss journey, she has dropped six-and-a-half stone and now wears size 8 clothing (Image: Laura Lindores)

When she got home from the pub, a plate of oven chips would be her tea - or she would eat out at pizza restaurants and other fast food chains.

But when she started a new job working with a homeless charity, she realised she needed to set a healthy example to clients to inspire them to be healthy.

She credits former Fat Families host Steve's simple 'eat less, move more' Fatnosis ethos as the key factor in losing the pounds and keeping them off.

Her confidence is now at an all-time high - and she says admitting to herself that she wasn't happy was the first step to changing her body.

Laura said: "I was always the chubby kid at school and always remember wishing I could fit into the pretty dresses like the rest of my group of friends.

"I just wanted to be like everyone else and look nice, my confidence was at a real low growing up so I never used to even think about picking nice outfits to wear, the goal was always to find clothes that just hid the fat.

"I boozed and ate my way through college like many students do which didn't help the problem of my weight and by my late teens I was overweight, depressed and started an unhealthy relationship."

She added: "After years of feeling worthless and comfort eating, I broke free in my early to mid-twenties and started living life for myself.

"I decided that I wasn't happy and I wanted to do something about it, to regain control of my life and live it to the full."

It was then that Laura began working with the homeless.

On her feet all the time helping others, she realised that she had to "set a good example" and be an inspiration for people in need.

“They were by no means overweight, but I was and I wanted to be a picture of health and be someone they could look up to," she explained.

She added that, having failed at "plenty of faddy diets", meeting Steve was the breakthrough in her weight loss journey.

"I have overhauled my diet completely now from the days of chips and booze, and I now cook everything at home and eat a lot of healthy protein and veg dinners, with lots of walking outdoors for exercise," she said.

"Looking back at who I was, I was never happy until now and I feel like I have my whole life back and my whole life ahead of me to enjoy the way I want to."

Today, Laura can wear whatever she wants.

"I no longer walk into stores and look for the baggiest shirt to hide away in - I find the prettiest fitted dress and I think, 'Yes, I'll look great in this one," she said.

"Steve's simple 'eat less, move more' philosophy couldn't have been more beneficial and it works so that's the most important thing for me.

She added that her goal "one day" would be to inspire others and help them with their own weight loss.

"Having gone through that journey, I will be able to understand and help them," she said.

Steve's 'Fatnosis' programme is for people "who will welcome a straight talking and supportive mindset and motivation weight loss solution".

It includes a combination of mind programming, straight talking motivation and a "practical meal planning solution".

It is not a nutrition-based programme - instead, it focuses on helping people to change their habits and behaviours.

Steve said he was "so proud" of Laura.

Cat Armor aka The Hormone Fairy is a Licenced FATnosis Practitioner, having been trained 121 by Steve.  Click here to find out more about our FATnosis programme and to book your FREE FATnosis Strategy Call. 

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