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Balancing Blood sugar during Menopause

Oestrogen and progesterone affect how your cells respond to insulin and during the peri and post menopause, changes in your hormone levels can trigger fluctuations in your blood sugar level.

Some women find that their blood sugar level changes more than before, and goes up and down like you're on a blood sugar rollercoaster!

What happens when our blood sugar gets out of control.... 

  • Diabetes You have a higher risk of having diabetes complications.
  • Weight gain. You might gain weight during the transition through the peri menopause and post menopause.
  • Infections. For all women but especially during the peri an dpost menopause ages, high blood sugar levels can contribute to urinary tract and vaginal infections. Post menopause the drop in oestrogen makes it easier for bacteria and yeast to thrive in your urinary tract and vagina.
  • Sleep problems. Hot flashes and night sweats keep you up at night, sometimes this can be due to excess sugar, plus a lack of sleep can make it tougher to manage your blood sugar level.
  • Sexual problems. Struggling with your libido, getting aroused or having an orgasm.  Diabetes can damage the nerves of the cells that line the vagina, plus vaginal dryness may worsen the issue by causing pain during sex.

Protein, healthy fats and fibre is the key food foundation to balancing your blood sugar and optimal hormonal health during the Menopause years.

The basics.... 

  1. You need to be including protein, healthy fat and fibre in every meal you eat. Grains are optional, but if you do have them, only have small amounts. The single most abundant thing on your plate should be vegetables.
  2. Eat in a calm environment – sit down at a table, move away from your desk if you are at work and chew your food well
  3. You should feel full and satisfied for 3-5 hours after you’ve eaten, that will stop you from snacking.
  4. If you feel hungry sooner (TRUE stomach hunger, not boredom or appetite), have a small snack to avoid crashing.
  5. The food you have eaten should make you feel energised, not tired.


- We have a whole module on Blood Sugar Balance!

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How can The Hormone Fairy help you during Menopause?

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  • This blog is intended for advice, you are responsible for your own health & wellbeing. Please book a consultation for individualised advice or speak with your GP or Health Practitioner

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