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Anxiety Relief & Mood Mastery Online Course

Anxiety and moody moments affects us all in different ways during the Peri or Post menopause years. Often becoming anxious or having crazy moods (happy one moment, crying or full of rage the next) is a completely new experience! Our Online Course will help you Get Back to You!

1/3 of women suffer with anxiety or low mood, often misdiagnosed by Doctors as a mental health condition.  My clients frequently tell me they have been offered antidepressants, but they don't want to take the medication as they know it's hormonal.

It’s natural to feel anxious at some stages in life, anxiety is part of our survival system to help keep us safe.  But when anxiety becomes a longer term issue, it can affect our mental and physical wellbeing, as well as creating issues within our relationships, family life or work.

Knowing what on earth is happening and having techniques and a tool box we can use to support ourselves.

How much or what are those anxious or moody moments costing you?

59% of women take time off work due to anxiety, it can be crippling and unpredictable for some.

Marriages or Relationships can break down, family life can change or work can become intolerable.

Sadly for some it can become too much, suicide rates are high in women age 45-54, the peri and post menopause years. 

Don't suffer anymore, join the Anxiety Relief & Mood Mastery Online Course

In this 4 week course you’ll understand your Hormones and Nervous System, the cause of your new anxiety or moody moments.

Our LIVE 28 Day Course starts 1st February, with Weekly Coaching Calls and Daily Motivation / Tips.

Each module is packed with info, tools and practices to help you.

You’ll create your own personalised toolkit of practices to take away, discovering the techniques that can work best for you.

This course is for any woman struggling with Hormonal Anxiety, Low Moods or Rage - who would like to understand her own reaction to anxiety & mood swings, and learn practical techniques to help ease anxious moments and moody feelings.

What you’ll get out of it?

  • Understand how and why you feel anxious or moody

  • Tips and techniques to help ease anxious feelings

  • Experience calming and relaxing practices

  • Your own personal anxiety relief and mood mastery toolkit

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Recognise your unique signs of anxiety

  • Understand what’s happening to your Hormones, your body and mind when you feel anxious or moody

  • Use your own toolkit of practices and tips to soothe anxious feelings and moody moments

  • Be able to self reflect

  • Feel safer in your body

  • Feel calm and back in control

  • Improve Relationships, Family & Work Life

Included for you in this course 

  • Online Video Library
  • Meditations
  • Hypnotherapy recordings
  • Breathwork
  • Nutrition tips to ease anxiety & moods
  • Herbal & Natural Remedies to Balance Hormones & Nervous system
  • 28 Days of Daily Tips & Support in the private Facebook Group to keep you accountable, anxiety and mood free . . .
  • LIVE Courses include Weekly Coaching Calls

What's your Anxiety & Moods Costing You! . . . Join the LIVE or Self Study Course now! Why not Upgrade to the Hypno Antidepressant 4 Week Consultations



  • Online Self Study

HYPNO Antidepressant


  • 4 Weekly Private Consultations
Cat Armor LCPH

As a Member of the 30 Day Course or our Sorority, you have my commitment to an easier Midlife Transformation!

It’s easy to give up on your Health, Emotional and wellbeing goals in midlife with the crazy Hormone rollercoaster ride, changes in relationships & family or career life, body image & confidence shifts, Career path.  With my support and encouragement, Guest Expert advice, alongside our the other members you’ll feel supported and have the resources to implement changes for a happier Midlife Transformation.


Yes of course, this Online Course and any Live Coaching covers PMS & Menstrual Cycles, as well as Peri Menopause and Post Menopause.  As a younger woman you'll gain knowledge to help you now but also in the future.

Yes, of course - The Menopause Club is open to all women worldwide.  The Live Guest Expert and Coaching Call times will vary, we will do our best to accomodate members.  But don't worry if you can't join us Live as they'll all be recorded and placed in the Members Library. 

Simply click on the button, and you will receive access to the course and also receive information on the LIVE coaching dates, if you are joining a LIVE course.  This is a Hormone Health Program for women who are willing to make changes in order to reset their emotional long term health.  


Content will be accessible for the entire time during the course, and whilst the platform remains in place.  Should the Platform change you will be notified

There are no refunds available as this is a digital online course, you will have immediate access to the Members area.  Therefore, there are no refunds available.  If you cancel after the initial 3-month period, you will lose access to the Members area and new course materials that become available.

Yes, members can join from across the world.  The course information is suitable for all.  We will try to accommodate time zones where possible and change the times of Live calls throughout the months, all live calls will be recorded and added to the members area so you can access at your convenience.

You can participate as much or as little as you want in the program.  The resources will be in the Client area for you to access at any time.  The resources will be in bite size chunks throughout the month so that you do not feel overwhelmed. All trainings, group coaching calls and guest interviews will be recorded and added to the Client area. But remember, in life you get out what you put in.  You’re joining to have healthy hormones and a happier you!

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